Diversifying portraiture in Anthropology


The Tylor Library is part of the Bodleian Libraries and situated in the in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.  The Library currently has busts of Evans-Pritchard, Frazer, and Godfrey Lienhardt.  Whilst their contribution to the discipline remains invaluable, the Library and the School are keen to celebrate anthropologists from communities that have been overlooked.

Staff and students were invited to nominate an anthropologist who has inspired them from communities currently under-represented, for example people of colour, women, LGBTIQ+, disabled communities.

The exhibition debuted at the ASA conference in September 2018.  The posters are now on permanent display throughout the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.

Any comments or queries about the project can be directed to Helen Worrell,
Archaeology and Tylor Anthropology Librarian at the Bodleian Libraries, Helen [dot] Worrell [at] bodleian.ox.ac.uk


Nominations (in alphabetical order):

Nader Afshar-Naderi by Nina Khamsy   (tbc)

Shirley Ardener by David Zeitlyn  (located in 64 Banbury Road)

Beatrice Blackwood by Marcus Banks   (located in 51 Banbury Road)

Maria Czaplicka by Jaanika Vider   (located in 43 Banbury Road)

Barbara Freire-Marreco by Leonie Treier  (located in 64 Banbury Road)

John Langston Gwaltney by J.C. Niala   (tbc)

Audre Lorde by Nina Khamsy   (tbc)

Saba Mahmood by Summer Qassim   (located in 43 Banbury Road)

Makereti by Zena McGreevy   (located in 64 Banbury Road)

Beatrice Medicine by Sarah Bourke    (located in 43 Banbury Road)

Zora Neale Hurston by J.C. Niala   (located in 51 Banbury Road) 

MN Srinivas by David Gellner   (located in 43 Banbury Road)





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