Other libraries at Oxford

Alongside Bodleian and college libraries, there are a number of other department and faculty libraries at Oxford. Some of these libraries have specific access conditions or are open by appointment only; please check with the library before you travel.


Angus Library and Archive
Regents Park College, Pusey Street, OX1 2LB

Balfour Library, Pitt Rivers Museum
Robinson Close, South Parks Road, OX1 3PP

Chantry Library
Grove Cottage, St Cross Rd, OX1 3TX

Computer Science Library
Wolfson Building, Parks Road, OX1 3QD

Earth Sciences Library
South Parks Road, OX1 3AN

History of Science Museum Library
Broad Street, OX1 3AZ

Institute of Archaeology
Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2PG

Instituto Camoes Library
41 Wellington Square, OX1 2JF

Language Centre Library
12 Woodstock Road, OX2 6HT

Maison Française Library
2–10 Norham Road, OX2 6SE

Materials Library
Hume-Rothery Building, Parks Road, OX1 3PH

Mathematical Institute Library
Andrew Wiles Building, Woodstock Road, OX2 6GG

Middle East Centre Library
St Antony’s College, 68 Woodstock Road, OX2 6JF

Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Library
13–15 Magdalen Street, OX1 3AE

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Library
Marston Road, OX3 0EE

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies Library
Church of St Philip & St James, Woodstock Road, OX2 6HB

Oxford Internet Institute Library
1 St Giles’, OX1 3JS

Oxford Union Society Library
Frewin Court, OX1 3JB 51

Oxford University Museum of Natural History Library
Parks Road, OX1 3PW

Pauling Centre for Human Sciences Library
58 Banbury Road, OX2 6QS

Pusey House Library
St Giles’, OX1 3LZ

Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art Library
1 South Parks Road, OX1 3TG

Ruskin School of Art Library
74 High Street, OX1 4BG

Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre Library
St Antony’s College, 62 Woodstock Road, OX2 6JF

Statistics Library
24–29 St Giles’, OX1 3LB