Social and cultural anthropology material for the Bodleian Libraries is primarily collected at the Tylor Library, with an emphasis on material not otherwise covered (outside the Bodleian Libraries) by the Balfour Library at the Pitt Rivers Museum. In addition UK material should also be available from the Bodleian Library book stacks. As far as possible the Tylor Library will aim to provide loan and/or confined copies of material on relevant reading lists, taking into account provision elsewhere in the university, including online resources. Material culture and visual anthropology readings will usually not be acquired, as these are more relevant to the Pitt Rivers. At the moment the Tylor Library does not acquire material by Legal Deposit.

We will consider purchasing material in all relevant languages. Historically, most non-English material tends to be in French, German or Dutch. In addition to “straight” ethnographies and theoretical anthropology, SCA has collected a significant amount of material on overlapping areas such as linguistics, sociology, history and philosophy.

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