Collections and resources at the Law Library

Subject guides

We offer online subject guides to the Law Library's collections, both print and electronic.


The Law Library collection provides extensive material for research, teaching and learning. You can search our collection on SOLO, the library catalogue for the University's libraries.

We aim to cover primary and secondary material for a wide range of jurisdictions, concentrating on the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, the United States, individual European countries, and the European Union. We also have extensive holdings in legal history, jurisprudence, public and private international law, Roman law and criminology. In general, the library only collects material in Roman and Cyrillic scripts and does not collect material from the Middle East, the Far East or Latin America, except for introductory works in English. The collection has historical depth in UK and Irish material as a result of receiving books through the legal deposit scheme.

Read the library's collection policy (Word).

New books

New Books Bulletin

Our New Books Bulletin shows titles that arrived at the Law Library during the corresponding period.

This service is currently suspended. It will be resumed as soon as possible after the processing of physical books can begin again. Please use the online catalogue SOLO and our legal resources guide to see what new e-books are being made available to help studies continue during this closed period.

Members of Oxford Law Faculty are welcome to request bulletins by email as soon as they are available. Please contact to arrange this. We hold an archive of bulletins from 2005 onwards; please email us if you would like one (or more) to be sent as an attachment.


The Law Library also has a LibraryThing account. You can view and subscribe to new books information through our LibraryThing 'recently added' feed. The feed allows you to see book cover images for each of the new volumes.  However, it doesn't link to the SOLO library catalogue. To do this, use the 'catalogue records' links above.