Faculty services

This page provides an overview of some of the services the Law Library provides to our Faculty. If you have a request which is not covered by the information provided, please feel free to ask.

The Library

The Library is part of the Bodleian Libraries; it is a reference-only library, so no borrowing is permitted. This should ensure that you can immediately locate any title you need to consult.

SOLO, the Library catalogue, may be searched from anywhere, and it includes the holdings of the majority of the libraries in the University.

A guide to the Law Library's classification scheme is available.

The Library web site contains links to electronic resources.  

Unfortunately we are unable to provide out of hours access to the Library for members of Faculty.

IT facilities


In addition to the computers near to the entrance and at various locations around the Library, there are two dedicated IT rooms in the Library:

The IT Training Room is intended for the use of Law Faculty students and staff. The room is used for teaching the undergraduate Legal Research Skills Programme, for the Legal Research Classes programme, and for training in the use of legal databases. When the room is not being used for teaching, members of Faculty and students may use the computers for general academic use.

There is also a smaller computer room on Level 0, which is sometimes used for teaching but is generally available to all readers for academic use.

> More information on IT and Computing in the Law Library


If you have a laptop, you may use Ethernet or wireless to connect it to the Library and university network. More information about IT and Computers in the Library. 


When using your own computer in your College, you should be able to print any database material to your own printer. You can send jobs from your laptop to a Library printer/copier.  More information about using laptops in the Library. If you use the computers in the Law Library you can send print jobs from them to by collected at any printer/copier in a Bodleian Library. Payment is by a PCAS account at time of collection. Further information can be found at  photocopying and printing

Inter-Library Loans

If you need a book or journal that is not available in Oxford, we may be able to borrow it from another library through our Inter-Library loan service.

Teaching facilities in the Library

Seminar and Discussion Room

The Library’s Seminar Room may be used for meetings and seminars on days when the Library is open. It is suitable for groups of 15-18, seated at a large round table. You can book the room for up to 2 hours by coming to the enquiry desk in the Library.

IT Training Room

This room is suitable for teaching practical courses that require hands-on internet or database access. The room may be booked through the Legal Research Librarian (71463).

Support for teaching and learning

Law Reserve Collection

The Library keeps a collection of the most heavily used text books in the Reserve Collection, behind the Enquiry Desk. These books are for use within the Library only (as is the rest of the collection), but are “wanded” in and out to readers, so that staff always know where they are in the Library.

Please let the Library staff know if you anticipate heavy demand for any items, especially titles on reading lists, and wherever possible we will place them in the Reserve Collection.

Law Reserve Collection: tutors’ boxes

The Library is able to keep photocopies of certain heavily used articles in tutors’ boxes at the Law Reserve.

All these photocopies are catalogued on SOLO so that we can administer the Law Reserve effectively. SOLO is a publicly available catalogue, so it is essential that the photocopies do not infringe current copyright law.

Law Reserve Collection: notes on copyright

Please see the leaflet "Notes on Copyright" for restrictions. If you would like the Library to keep a photocopy at the Law Reserve, please contact Margaret Watson (71464) or email law.library@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

Courses and information on legal research and library resources

The Library offers a variety of classes and courses for students on how to use the Library’s resources. We advertise courses on the undergraduate, postgraduate and Faculty mailing lists, and you can check the programme on the classes page of our web site.

Please contact the Library staff as early as possible if you would like us to develop a new course on any aspect of the collections, or any databases, so that we can offer it at the most appropriate time.

The Library provides research guides in paper and online, on particular jurisdictions, subject areas and resources. These leaflets are continually updated and reviewed, and we welcome comments on them from you.

Library support for new courses

Faculty proposals for new courses must include a statement from the relevant library (or libraries) outlining any impact on library resources. This usually involves sending a copy of the proposed reading list to the Library, which we then check against our current holdings.

The Library always seeks to support Faculty proposals, and this is easier to do if Library involvement is sought at an early stage, so that any difficulties can be discussed, and resolved, before the proposal goes before the Law Board.

Once the new course has been adopted, Library staff will place core materials in the Reserve Collection, arrange for material to be transferred from the Bodleian Bookstack, and possibly acquire new material (subject to funding).

Special facilities for Faculty members


Carrels are available in the Library for Faculty members who prefer to work in a more secluded atmosphere. Carrels are shared by several Faculty members, and different patterns of Library usage mean that this arrangement usually works. Please ask if you would like to have a key to a carrel.

If you know that you will be using the Library very intensively for a short period, and would particularly like the exclusive use of a carrel for that time, please let the Library staff know – it may be possible to arrange it.

Book reservation

If you have been allocated a carrel, you may reserve up to fifteen text books to that carrel, and you may also keep books that you have ordered from the Bodleian Bookstack there.

Suggest a book

If you have a title to suggest for the library, please either fill in the Suggestion Book in the library, send an email (address below) or use our online form.

Faculty photocopying and scanning

There is a printer/copier - which also scans to email - for the use of Faculty members in the Gallery, on the east side. Payment is via a personal PCAS account. You are also welcome to use the printer/copiers in the Photocopy Room (these also scan to a USB memory key) or the one outside the IT Training Room on Level 0. Further information can be found at photocopying and printing

The Law Faculty may be able to assist eligible members with the cost of photocopying.

If you are away from the Library and need a few pages from a book, we may be able to email a scanned copy to you.  Please send an email to law.library@bodleian.ox.ac.uk to request this.

Current awareness services

There are numerous current awareness services available online. Please contact library staff for assistance - we are happy to go through the various tools and alerting services available.

One on one database sessions

If you would like assistance with using any of the databases available, and are unable to attend a session in the library, please contact law.library@bodleian.ox.ac.uk, and we shall come to you.

Further assistance

Margaret Watson is the Academic Services Librarian. Please contact her if you require any further assistance x71464 margaret.watson@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

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