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Please note that due to COVID 19 regulations it is likely that any sessions will be online for the foreseeable future.  However please contact us with any questions.

Book a librarian is an opportunity to book a one to one session with one of The Bodleian Law Library's experienced members of staff. The sessions can be booked by anyone with a University Library card by contacting the team on the email .  The sessions are usually between 1 and 2 hours long and can cover anything you may need help with.

Below there is more information including details of the Book a Librarian Team and a list of common subjects.  This list is not exhaustive and so don't despair if your problem/topic is not listed, we are happy to help where we can. Don't worry if you are not familiar with legal materials we can cater for those without any or little knowledge of law.

The Book a Librarian Team

Kate Jackson

Legal Research Librarian

Kate Jackson is the Legal Research Librarian and is happy to help with research on UK law and offers training on legal databases. Kate is also able to help with research on human rights law.

Nicola Patrick

Research Support Librarian (part time)

Nicola Patrick is happy to help with research on UK law and offers training on legal databases. Nicola will also answer questions on SSRN and can help you set up a permaCC account.

Dr Elizabeth Wells

Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Librarian

Elizabeth is happy to help with research in the laws of foreign jurisdictions, public & private international law, and the history of the Anglo-American legal tradition. She also helps with putting OSCOLA guidance into practice.

Margaret Watson

Academic Services Librarian

Margaret is the Academic Services Librarian. She has worked extensively with EU legal materials and documentation at home and abroad, for universities and as the EU information specialist in a major City law firm, and is happy to assist with EU enquires and research.

Hannah Chandler

Official Papers Librarian

Hannah Chandler is the Official Papers Subject Consultant. The collection consists of Parliamentary Papers, non-Parliamentary papers and the proceedings of the United Kingdom to include the devolved assemblies and Scottish Parliament. The Official Papers section also contains the depository collections of several international intergovernmental bodies, most notably the United Nations.

What can we help with?

Popular topics

Below is a selection of some of the topics we are asked about most often. There may already be a class planned on your topic, you can check on the classes page to see if there is one in the current term.

Human Rights Resources 

Human Rights is a wide reaching topic and as a result it can sometimes be confusing as to what information is available. We can go through the resources available both online and in print within the Library and tailor the session to cover any particular jurisdictional or subject interest.

Legal information from foreign jurisdictions

If you are looking for what resources and materials are available from a particular country or jurisdiction then we can go through this with you. As countries differ as to what legal materials are available there may be an abundance of resources or very few, but we can point you in the right direction.

Database instruction

If you are struggling to use any of the many databases the Law Library has access to then contact us to arrange a training session. You can bring examples of material you have been unable to find and we can show you the best way of finding this. Many of the databases have added functions to aid research and so we can also help you make the most of them.

UK Cases and Legislation

If you are new to the UK legal system or want a refresher on where to find UK primary sources of law the we can go through the numerous resources available. We can show how to find specific cases or pieces of legislation, how to search for cases and/or legislation on a particular subject and how to keep updated.

European Union Resources

If you are new to the subject or confused about documentation produced by the EU and the various institutions, or you are looking for the best sources of cases or legislation then we can help you understand the various online and print resources that are available to you.

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