Getting started: Undergraduates and taught postgraduates

A guide to using the Bodleian Libraries for undergraduates and taught postgraduates at the University of Oxford.

Using the libraries at Oxford

Bodleian Libraries

The Bodleian Libraries is a network of research, faculty and departmental libraries.

You can access any of the libraries and their physical collections using your University card, as well as extensive online resources.

Find a library

Other libraries at Oxford

These are small, specialist libraries, such as the Earth Sciences Library, which can only be used by members of a particular department. They may also be restricted to use by postgraduate students and staff.

Your faculty or department website will have more information 

College libraries

Each college has its own library, which will cover the subjects taught at that college and the research interests of the college’s Fellows.

Access is usually restricted to members of the college. Contact the relevant college librarian if you need more information or want to access material if you are not a college member.

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Find resources

SOLO is the resource discovery tool for Oxford’s libraries. You can use it to search the holdings of the Bodleian Libraries, other department and faculty libraries, and college libraries.

Borrowing and accessing resources

Our libraries hold many different kinds of material. This includes items that can be borrowed, items you can only use in the libraries and items you can access online.

Library services

The Bodleian Libraries offer a range of services and facilities to support your study and research, including library computers, Wi-Fi access, electronic document delivery, and self-service printing, copying and scanning.

Training and support

The libraries provide various in-person and online tools to help you study and research.


Not sure where to start? Use our live chat service to talk directly to library staff or send us an email.