Imaging Services Guidance Notes and FAQ

Welcome to Imaging Services

Imaging Services is the primary provider of digital images, photographic prints and paper prints from microfilm within the Bodleian Libraries.

Imaging Services also administers permissions to use these images in electronic and non-electronic formats.

Before placing an order

  • A curated selection of images is available for purchase and licensing through our online picture library (link). Please visit the site to check availability.
  • If images are still protected by copyright, or are to be taken from deposited collections, please ensure that copyright consent and/or the correct authorisation is supplied with your order form.
  • Ensure you have the correct shelfmark and page/folio numbers required.

For help locating shelfmarks please visit:

Alternatively, you can contact our colleagues in the relevant department:

Placing an order

To place an order please download and complete the Imaging Services Order Form (PDF) using the guidelines below. 

Customer info/delivery info 

  • To place an order you will need to provide full contact details including an email address. Please ensure these details are written clearly as these will be needed in order to contact you promptly with any queries relating to your order.
  • When completing delivery information please ensure all sections are completed clearly for accurate despatch of images.

Use of reproductions 

Please tick to indicate how you will use ordered images. If being reproduced in an electronic and/or printed reproduction please follow the link for permission to use forms which will also need to be completed. Please ensure that you follow all copyright guidance.

Order details/page 2

  • Please provide the full Bodleian shelfmark and title along with page/folio numbers required. Information on Bodleian collections can be found using the links provided in the section, ‘Before placing an order’.
  • Please enter any further information that is relevant to your order in the special instructions box. 
  • For each shelfmark provided you will need to complete the product code box. Details of the products we offer and prices can be found on page 4 of the order form.
  • If you are unsure of the final cost, the total cost of order box can be left blank as a full quotation will be provided. 
  • Please provide a relevant VAT number if applicable.
  • Please ensure the declaration is signed and dated; without this we are unable to accept your order. 

Copyright declaration/Page 3

This section only needs to be completed if the images are required for personal research purposes and the collection material is still protected by copyright.

If the images you have requested are to be supplied from a published item, i.e. printed material, please complete 1a.

If the images you have requested are to be taken from an unpublished item, i.e., manuscript / non-printed material, please complete 1b.

Finally, please date and sign the declaration on page 2.

Please read the terms and conditions on page 5 of the Imaging Services Order Form.


  • Once your order has been checked and authorised by our team, a Pro-forma Invoice will be provided by email including details on how payment can be made. Payment must be received before work on your order can proceed. 
  • Please note that there is a minimum order charge of £15 including postage and handling fee. 

Order forms can be sent by email, post and fax; our details can be found at the top of the order form.

Imaging Services FAQ

How do I order images? 

Details on how to place an order for images can be found in the section, ‘Placing an order’.

How will I receive my images?

You can receive images by download link (ftp). Alternatively, images can be transferred to CD or DVD and these will be sent by post. Please note we cannot send images via direct email due to file size. 

When will I receive my images? 

Our standard turnaround time is 20 working days from receipt of payment. 

What if my order is urgent? 

We offer a rush service for delivery of images within 10 working days from receipt of payment. This service incurs a 50% surcharge. Please note that this service is subject to availability. Please enquire if the service is currently active before placing a rush order.

How can I make payment?

Payment can be made by credit/debit card online or over the phone, bank transfer or cheque. Please note that we do not accept American Express. Full details on how payment can be made will be sent with your invoice. 

What type of photography do you offer? 

We can provide scans from microfilm and bitonal scans which are suitable for research purposes only. We can provide high resolution colour and greyscale scans for reproduction purposes (e.g book, exhibition etc.) Paper and photographic prints are also available. Please see page 4 of the order form for full details. 

What happens once my order has been received? 

Your order is passed to our admin team for checking and authorisation. A Pro-forma invoice will then be sent via email attachment. Orders can take a number of weeks to be checked and authorised depending on the availability and type of collection material requested. Please note that the collection material requested for photography may be subject to a request from an on-site user of library services and so there can be a delay in obtaining such collection material.

What is a shelfmark? 

A shelfmark is an individual reference given to collection material within our libraries. This reference should be followed by a folio/page number (e.g MS. Bodl. 264, fol. 1r). A complete shelfmark, including folio/page number enables our team to locate and identify the collection material more efficiently.

Is there a minimum charge? 

Yes, our minimum order charge is £15 inclusive of VAT (if applicable) 

Do I need to pay VAT? 

VAT is applicable to countries within the European Union. VAT does not apply to countries outside of the European Union and organisations within the European Union (but not in the UK) who have a valid VAT number. There is a space on page 2 of the order form to give your VAT number. 

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