Using library printers

Print from your own device

Print over the web:

  1. Log in to PCAS ( using your Bodleian Libraries username and password
  2. Select Web Print from the left-hand menu and Submit a Job.
  3. Choose the appropriate queue — colour or black and white — queue, then select Printer Options and Account Selection to proceed.
  4. Select 'Upload Documents' and either drag and drop files or choose 'Upload from computer' to browse. Select 'Upload & Complete'. It can take some time to process large documents.
  5. You can now collect your print job from any library PCAS device.

Install a print driver:

MobilityPrint allows you to download a driver to your device. This can be quicker and allows more flexibility than printing using WebPrint if you are doing a lot of printing from your device. Log into MobilityPrint to install a print driver on your device.

Print from a library PC

  1. While on a library PC, select a document or page to print. The print driver options will look slightly different depending on the browser or application you are using.
  2. The default settings are black-and-white, and double-sided. If you wish to change these settings, select Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences on the print dialogue and follow the instructions.
  3. A confirmation prompt will appear, showing your current PCAS balance and cost for the job. Select Print to proceed.
  4. You can now collect your print job from any library PCAS device.

Print directly from USB

  1. Log in to the library printer using your PCAS details.
  2. Select device functions and Print/scan from memory device
  3. When prompted, insert your USB into the slot to the left of the display.
  4. The device will search the folders on the USB and display a list of PDF, TIFF and JPG files. Using the touchscreen, select the file you wish to print. You may need to open a folder first.
  5. Choose Send Settings to select options for number of copies, single- or double-sided printing, and colour or black & white.
  6. Press the large green button to the right of the display screen to print your document.
  7. After you have collected your print job(s) from beneath the display screen, remember to log out of the device and remove your USB.

Print electronic legal deposit material

Electronic legal deposit (eLD) items can only be viewed on a Bodleian Libraries computer. This will be indicated on SOLO. To access these items, you will need to agree to the Bodleian Libraries access policy.

Self-service printing is not currently available but you can order copies through Print and Deliver at a cost of £2.00 per request.

Download the full guide to printing electronic legal deposit material  

Print an eLD article

  1. To print an article, select the printer icon in the top left-hand corner of the article display.
  2. A print dialog will appear and you can select preferences such as double-sided (default) or single-sided printing.
  3. A banner will appear to indicate that the item is being prepared for printing. Select OK.
  4. The PCAS Print job billing pop-up will appear. Enter your Bodleian Libraries username and password and select Print.
  5. The article can then be printed from any PCAS-enabled device in the libraries.

Printing sections from eLD monographs

Due to the way monographs are rendered, the pages on the screen may not correlate with the actual page numbers of the book. In some cases, the page numbers of the original book do not display.

There are two different systems for rendering monographs: ePub and PDF. They have slightly different printing procedures.


  1. The ePub viewer includes a toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the downward arrow to the right of the printer icon and select Print Preview.
  2. Identify the required pages on the print preview screen. Click the printer icon on the top right of the print preview box.
  3. Specify the pages you wish to print on the next screen. Select Print.
  4. When prompted, enter your PCAS account details.


PDF eLD items do not have a print preview option. Page numbers are listed in the top left of the screen. The number in brackets indicates the page number you will need to request to print what is displayed.

  1. When you have identified the required pages, select the printer icon.
  2. Enter the required pages for printing. Note: the default printing range is all pages, which would contravene copyright.
  3. When prompted, enter your PCAS account details.

Collect your print job

You can collect your print job from any multi-function device in the Bodleian Libraries. Jobs will remain on the system for 72 hours, after which they will be deleted. You will not be charged for your print jobs until they are released.

  1. Log into any multi-function device in the libraries by entering your Bodleian Libraries username and password or, if you have linked your library card to your PCAS account, touch your card to the touchpad on the top left of the device.
  2. To print all jobs, select Print Release. You can select all or choose individual print jobs. Select Print to release individual print jobs.
  3. Collect your printing from under the display screen and log out of the device.

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