Using library copiers

When using library copiers, the default settings are black-and-white and single-sided.

  1. Use your PCAS account details to log into the photocopier. On the display screen, select Copy.
  2. Lift the lid of the photocopier and place the item you wish to copy face-down on the glass, in the top left-hand corner. If you wish to copy via the document feeder, place your document face up.
  3. To change the number of copies, select the number from the keypad to the right of the display screen. If you wish to change these, see additional information further on in this guide.
  4. To start copying, press the large green button to the right of the display screen. Repeat until your copying is complete.
  5. Collect your copying from the gap underneath the display screen. Log out of the photocopier.
  6. To copy in colour, select More under Output Colour on the Copy screen. Select Colour and press OK.

Copyright restrictions apply to copying and scanning of library material.

Copy double-sided

Select Two-Sided Copying on the Copy screen.

If you are copying via the glass pane, select 1 → 2 Sided to copy double-sided.

If you are copying via the document feeder:

  • Choose 1 → 2 sided to copy a single-sided document and produce a double-sided copy.
  • Choose 2 → 2 sided to copy a double-sided document and produce a double-sided copy.
  • Choose 2 → 1 sided to copy a double-sided document and produce a single-sided copy.

Reduce or enlarge your copy

  1. To reduce or enlarge your copy, select Reduce / Enlarge… from the Copy screen.
  2. Choose one of the pre-settings (e.g. 70%, or A3 to A4). To see additional options, press More. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the percentage size via the + and – boxes. Select OK.

Darken or lighten your copy

  1. Select the Image Quality tab on the Copy display screen.
  2. Select Image Options, move the position of the arrow on the bar to darken or lighten your photocopy.
  3. Select OK.

Copy other sizes

If you are copying a book that is not a standard A4 and A3 size, you will first need to set the area to be copied and then select the size of paper. This will ensure that text is not cut off from your finished copy.

  1. Select the Layout Adjustment tab and choose Original Size.
  2. Select Custom Scan Area and adjust the length and width coordinates using the scale on the display, or enter the new measurements into the length and width boxes using the number panel to the right of the display screen. Alternatively, select Preset Scan Area and choose a size (e.g. A5, B4); the size will be indicated on the ruler on the edge of the screen.
  3. For books that are slightly larger than A4, use B4 settings: 250 length (Y) x 353 width (X).
  4. For smaller books, try A5 settings: 210 length (Y) x 148 width (X).
  5. Select OK.
  6. Select the Copy tab and choose the paper size you would like the copy to be. The options are listed under Paper Supply, but you may need to select More. Choose A4 (landscape) for books placed in landscape orientation on the glass.
  7. Select Reduce/Enlarge and choose Auto % from the options.
  8. Select OK. You can now begin copying.

Select paper size

The photocopier should automatically select the correct paper size, according to the size of the item you are copying. However, you can select it yourself to make sure it is on the correct-sized paper.

  1. From under Paper Supply on the Copy display screen, select the size of paper (and orientation) required.
  2. To view additional options, select More.
  3. If you have selected a paper size via More, select OK.

Download the full guide to using the photocopiers  

Download the full guide to copying non-standards book sizes  

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