Bloomberg PC

Bloomberg Professional is a leading source of detailed market data, news and analytics that is used in trading markets and financial institutions globally. Content includes current (real-time) and historical financial data on currencies and commodities, individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, and futures for both international and domestic markets.

Use of the service through our Bloomberg PC will also provide access to company profiles and financial statements, forecasts, news on financial markets, and audio and video interviews on business and finance.

Readers have the option of using the Bloomberg PC with the specialist Bloomberg keyboard or borrowing a standard keyboard from the issue desk. Once logged in help on using the system is available from Bloomberg via instant messaging.

Booking the Bloomberg PC

Bloomberg Professional is restricted to current University members only and is for academic non-commercial research only. Access has to be approved and first time use booked by emailing the Data Librarian John Southall. In cases where the Data Librarian is unavailable for an extended period clearance can be given by the Reader Services Librarian, Craig Finlay or the Digital Services Librarian, Rachel Scanlon. Subsequent sessions can be booked at the issue desk and are limited to one hour, which can be extended on request and based on availability. Please download the Bloomberg application form (pdf 162 kb) to apply for access.

More information is available on SOLO and the Bloomberg homepage. Guides are available in the SSL Data Area or to download from the SSL website guides section.

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