Book the Social Science Library discussion rooms

The Bodleian Social Science Library has two group discussion rooms and an Information Skills Training Room available for academics or students to book.  

Tutors from departments and centres in the Social Sciences Division can book the Q-Step Lab for teaching when it is not being used by the Department of Politics and IR for undergraduates.

All the rooms are accessible within the library space on the ground floor.  

How to book

1. Please ensure you have read and agree with the 'Rules of use' below.

2. Check the room calendar to see if the room is available when you would like to book it:

  • Large Discussion Room (calendar): capacity 16
  • Small Discussion Room (calendar): capacity 8
  • Information Skills Training Room (calendar): capacity 21 (including trainer)
  • Q-Step Lab (calendar): capacity: 25 (including trainer)

3. Complete the online booking form.

4. If you are unable to book via the online booking form, email or telephone 01865 271093 with this information:

  • the room you would like to book
  • the date you want to book the room
  • the start and finish time
  • your name and email address
  • a title or name for the session.

You can also book rooms in person at the issue desk.

Rules of use

Use of our rooms must adhere to the University’s Code of Practice on Meetings and Events. Please observe the following rules:

  • An individual or group may only book a room for a maximum of 3 hours in one day.
  • The Information Skills Training Room may only be booked if the equipment in it is needed for a presentation or class (projector, 20 PCs and trainer's PC).
  • Room bookings must be made at least 2 hours in advance. There is no limit on how early a room booking may be made, but please do not make a booking unless you are certain you require it.
  • Filming is permitted in the discussion rooms, if all individuals involved have agreed to be filmed, the area is closed off so that no one is filmed accidentally, and the filming is for academic, non-commercial purposes.