Library PCs

Library PCs

SSL computersThe Bodleian Social Science Library has over 50 networked PCs. The standard desktop offers: Microsoft Office 2016 and internet access through multiple browsers. Readers must log in using their Bodleian Libraries login.

Saving your data 

Readers can save their work to the desktop, but are advised to save their work to USB stick as PCs will log out after 20 minutes of inactivity, deleting files saved during that session. USB sticks may be purchased or borrowed for temporary storage from the Library issue desk.

If you leave your USB stick in the library, our staff will look for named files or folders to identify the owner. We will then contact you by email to inform you that it has been found and is available to collect from the library desk. We will not open any documents for privacy and data protection reasons.

USB sticks that are unclaimed after 6 months will be destroyed.

Additional PCs

More PCs are available in the Q Step Centre Lab for the use of Graduate Students in the Social Sciences Division. These computers provide access to the departmental Manor Road Building servers and are administered by Manor Road Building IT Support. A Data Area containing PCs with specialist software is located at the front of the reader PCs.

For readers without a current University or Bodleian Libraries card

For readers without a Bodleian Libraries login, internet access is provided through six quick access terminals, also known as "Quick Search" PCs. Two of these can be found at the library entrance and the other four by the periodicals section.  Web browsing on these machines is restricted to an 'allowed list' of sites. This list comprises some 7000+ websites which mainly constitute library catalogues and collections, although access to a limited set of popular email clients, such as Oxford Nexus, Gmail etc. is also enabled.

For reasons of security and compliance with license terms and conditions of many electronic resources, access to USB flash drives has been disabled on these computers. It is possible to save to the desktop and to print documents via the Bodleian RemotePrint service.

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Information about WiFi available in the Library is available on our Logging in page.

IT Problems

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of IT in the Library, from logging in to a Library PC to connecting to one of the wireless networks, please speak to a member of staff.

Please provide as much detail as you can about the problem, such as the exact wording of any error messages, or the model of device, the operating system and browser you are using when connecting to our network.

For help with more complicated IT problems, Oxford University IT Support is available 24 hours a day or you could try contacting your college's IT officer.

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