KeepCups are travel mugs endorsed by Bodleian Libraries because they are specially designed to minimise spillages when being used. KeepCups should not be considered 100% watertight..

Please use them responsibly in the library – close between sips and pour any leftovers into a sink.

No food or drinks in other containers are allowed within the library, except for bottled water. You can take your KeepCup to the Manor Road Building café which offers a discount on hot drinks when using your own cup.

KeepCups are available for purchase from the desk at the SSL for £8.50 (plastic) and £15.00 (glass) .

Libraries that permit and sell KeepCups:

  • Bodleian Education Library
  • Bodleian Health Care Libraries
  • Bodleian Law Library
  • Bodleian Social Science Library
  • Continuing Education Library
  • Latin American Centre Library
  • Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library
  • Radcliffe Science Library
  • Taylor Institution Library

Libraries that permit but do not sell KeepCups:

  • Bodleian Library – Gladstone Link
  • Bodleian Library – Old Library [except Duke Humfrey’s Library]
  • Bodleian Library – Radcliffe Camera and History Faculty Library
  • Bodleian Music Faculty Library
  • English Faculty Library
  • Sainsbury Library
  • Tylor Anthropology Library
  • Vere Harmsworth Library
  • History of Medicine Library
Check with your college library to see whether they allow KeepCups.
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