Enhanced Reading Lists - FAQs

What are Enhanced Reading Lists? 

Enhanced Reading Lists are created by the Social Science Library for Core and Mandatory courses from selected degree programmes:

  • Department of Economics
    • MPhil Economics
    • Undergraduate Courses
  • Department of Politics and International Relations
    • MPhil International Relations
    • MPhil Politics
    • Undergraduate Courses
  • Oxford Department of International Development
    • MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy
  • School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies
    • MSc African Studies

Enhanced reading lists provide real time information on the location and availability of the material you need. Every item on the list is linked to the corresponding entry on SOLO, so you can see

  • The number of copies held in individual libraries
  • Whether they can be borrowed
  • Whether they are currently available
  • Whether they can be accessed electronically
If a resource can be accessed electronically, the enhanced reading list provides a direct link. The aim is simple: you spend less time searching, more time studying.

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Do other university libraries use them?

Many other major UK university libraries have comparable services. Bodleian Libraries faces unique challenges in implementing such a service due to the size of our collections and the complex structure of the University of Oxford. The enhanced reading lists have been designed to take these factors into account.

How do they work?

Enhanced reading lists are hosted on WebLearn, the University of Oxford's Virtual Learning Environment. You can access any available reading lists for your courses using your Single Sign-On at your department's WebLearn site – just look for the 'Enhanced reading list' link. You will still be able to see and download all of your reading lists in PDF or Word format.

Alternatively, all available enhanced reading lists provided by the SSL can be found on the "List of Lists" page.

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Are all of my reading lists available in this way?

Not necessarily. Currently we provide selected reading lists managed by the SSL. Depending on the success of the service and authorisation from Bodleian Libraries, it might be possible to extend the project to further reading lists and to other libraries within the Bodleian Libraries group.

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Can I access the reading lists from other departments?

To protect tutors' intellectual property you can only access reading lists from your own course.

What does "ORLiMS" mean?

ORLiMS stands for Online Reading List Management System. This was an IT Innovation seed-funded project which ran in 2015 to develop the tool used to create Enhanced Reading Lists. You may some times hear Enhanced Reading Lists referred to as "ORLiMS" lists.


Please email ssl@bodleian.ox.ac.uk with '‘Enhanced Reading Lists'’ included in the subject line. If you have any questions or feedback, we would like to hear from you.

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