Geography at the SSL


Congregation has approved the creation of a new college, currently named Parks College, which will be based on the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) site with additional space in the University Science area. The RSL consequently needs to be emptied by March 2020 for refurbishment.

The Curators of the University Libraries approved the proposal to move the Geography collections (11,250 books) to the Social Science Library (SSL).

Transferring the Collections 

In order to accommodate the Geography collections, books that have not been borrowed or consulted for more than 10 years have been withdrawn from the SSL open shelves and sent to the Bodleian Libraries Book Storage Facility (from which they can be requested by placing a Stack Request), or donated to charitable organisations. 

The Geography collection, comprising over 11,000 books, has now successfully been transferred from the RSL to the SSL and interfiled in the main books collection according to our existing Library of Congress classification scheme.

Where should I return my Geography books? 

Geography books on loan over the Long Vacation may be returned either to the Radcliffe Science Library or to the Social Science Library at the beginning of Michaelmas Term. Those returned to the RSL will be transferred to the SSL.

Will there still be enough places to sit?

The SSL provides 413 reader seats with a peak occupancy in 2017-18 of 180 students. The library can feel busy, particularly in the more popular study areas, and seating space will be kept under review. 

Who do I contact if I have a research enquiry related to Geography?

The Geography Subject Consultant, Andy Kernot, has also moved from the RSL to the SSL. You can contact him via email [andrew.kernot [at]] or by phone 01865 272839, and can ask for him at the SSL issue desk. 

What about Geography dissertations and theses?

The Geography undergraduate and MSc dissertations have also now been moved to the SSL. They are now located in the Dissertations and Theses section of the library next to the Print and Copy Room.  

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