Finding Resources

What are "Resources"?

In years gone by, academic libraries contained scholarly literature in a narrow range of formats: printed books and journals and perhaps some other types of material such as newspapers or microfilms. Library users would find specific items of interest by consulting a list of titles or authors maintained by the library on a series of cards - the library catalogue.

In the digital age, information is published in a much wider range of formats, from the traditional hardback book to online reports and multimedia. The library's collections comprise both printed and electronic items, and the broad term commonly used to refer to an item in any of these formats is a "library resource". In a similar way, online databases, digital archives and websites to which the Bodleian Libraries pay a subscription for access, are often referred to as "electronic resources", or "e-resources".

The Bodleian Social Science Library's Collections

Printed Collections

The SSL holds over 250,000 printed books, over 1,000 printed journal titles, as well as statistical publications, working papers, dissertations, pamphlets and reports.

Electronic Collections 

Our electronic collections are also growing rapidly, with new e-book packages, e-journal subscriptions and database access licenses added regularly.

Finding your way around the Social Science Library

Resources by Format

Visit Resources by Format to explore the options for finding books, e-books, journals and e-journals, databases and other materials both in the library and online. Visit the Oxford University eResources blog for details of the latest purchases and trials.

Resources by Subject

Visit Resources by Subject to find links to a range of Library Guides detailing discovery of and access to scholarly works in individual social science subject areas.

Search Tools

Visit Search Tools for quick links to the library's catalogue, e-resources portal and other ways to discover and access print and electronic resources.

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