Research enquiries

If you have a research enquiry, please contact one of our subject consultants below to arrange an appointment.

A full list of subject consultants in the Bodleian Libraries can be found here.

Jo GardnerJo Gardner

Bodleian Social Science Librarian; Subject Consultant for Politics & International Relations

email: jo.gardner
phone: 01865 2-78721

John Southall John Southall

Bodleian Data Librarian; Subject Consultant for Economics and Sociology

email: john.southall
phone: 01865 2-85936

Angelina Gibson Angelina Gibson

Slavonic and Eurasian Subject Consultant

email: angelina.gibson
phone: 01865 2-71937

Sarah Rhodes Sarah Rhodes

International Development, Forced Migration, and African & Commonwealth Studies Subject Consultant

email: sarah.rhodes
phone: 01865 2-85998

Andy KernotAndy Kernot

Subject Consultant for Geography, Social Policy & Intervention, Public Policy, and Internet Studies

email: andrew.kernot
phone: 01865 2-71937

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