Preventive conservation

Alexandra Walker
Preventive Conservator

Veronica Ford
Assistant Preventive Conservator

Catherine Harris
Assistant Preventive Conservator

The preventive conservation team seeks to prevent damage to collections by establishing and maintaining environmental conditions that are optimal for long term preservation, ensuring that collections are available now and in the future for scholarship.

Other key areas of preventive conservation include assessing storage areas and materials, delivering awareness training for library staff (recognising potential hazards, handling collections and assessing new material for acquisition), salvaging collections in emergency situations and providing new preservation techniques.

Their wide reaching remit necessitates that they work in close collaboration with many other sections of the Bodleian Libraries and the wider University.


For internal conservation requests, use the Conservation Request Form on the staff intranet. Order folders, boxes and more through the Packaging and Display Service (PADS).
Support conservation at the Bodleian Libraries. Need conservation advice? Look for a conservator in the ICON Conservation Register.

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