Open Scholarship Support

Open Scholarship Support (OSS) is a department in the Bodleian Libraries. We are a team of specialists in all areas relating to open scholarship: open access and open research, research data management, copyright and licensing, digital preservation, and digital innovation. This is a really important time for open research, with changing funder requirements and significant cultural shifts to the ways that research is carried out – in the UK, Europe, and globally.

What is open scholarship?

Open scholarship (OS) is an umbrella term that covers a broad array of research outputs and activities. Simply put, it means that, when conducting research, openness is built in from the outset and planned for the long term. It is transparent and collaborative way of ‘doing research’.

Open access (OA) is an important component of open scholarship – but open scholarship is broader. It involves all types of research outputs (literature, code, methods, data, images) and includes infrastructure and systems.

We define open scholarship as: “…the practice of applying principles of openness to research processes and outputs, within an environment that is transparent and collaborative. Sharing research outputs such as literature, methods, data, code, and results, under terms that enable effective reproducibility and reuse, has broad benefits for research quality and impact. Practising Open Scholarship principles means planning for early and long-term access to research, thus enhancing and accelerating the benefits of research to society.” 

What do we do?

We are here to support researchers in line with the University’s Strategic Plan ‘to be a leader in open scholarship and [to] support open access to collections and research data outputs.’

In a nutshell: we help researchers at all stages of their journey to make their research outputs open and reusable, now and in the future.

Getting in touch

We welcome queries and ideas for collaboration on projects and services. Here’s how to get in touch with us:

Head of Open Scholarship Support

Copyright and Licensing

Research Data Management


Digital Preservation

Digital Innovation

Open Access policy

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