Research projects and partnerships

At the Bodleian Libraries we support and participate in research related to our extensive physical and digital collections. This includes their context, history, materiality and contribution to scholarship, as well as on all aspects of librarianship and the world of information for society.

We enter into collaborative partnerships and support academic funding proposals through the Bodleian Research Committee.

Research at the Bodleian is published via academic communication channels such as journal articles, books and conference presentations, and reaches a wider public through vibrant and ground-breaking exhibitions, public engagement programmes, and social media campaigns.  

Research partnerships with the Bodleian

Our research committee meets six times a year to encourage, assess, facilitate, monitor, coordinate and promote research opportunities which draw upon the expertise of Bodleian staff and the libraries’ physical and digital collections, for the benefit of the University, the wider world of scholarship and the public.

Guidance about the opportunities and mechanisms for proposing research projects and collaborations through the committee.

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