Book conservation

Nicole Gilroy
Head of Book Conservation

Steven Busby
Assistant Book Conservator

Andrew Dawson
Modern Book Repairs Supervisor

Alice Evans
Assistant Book Conservator

Simon Haigh
Assistant Book Conservator

Andrew Honey
Book Conservator (Research and Teaching)

Johanne Keiding
Book Conservator

Kirstin Norwood
Assistant Book Conservator

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The book conservators work to stabilize bindings, bound manuscripts and early-printed books with minimal interference to their original structures and features. A different approach is often necessary to maintain modern material in the form of open-shelf reference books and lending stock but we are ever mindful that yesterday's throwaway pamphlet is today's rare book. The team advise on the care of new acquisitions including artists books and modern media creations that are sometimes hard to recognise as a book at all. We contribute to the teaching, research and public engagement activity of the Library and the University, from running sessions for doctoral researchers to hands-on discovery workshops for school-children. Some members of the team have extensive collections of historic writing paraphernalia.

Conservation work on MS. Canon. Liturg. 172

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