Services and facilities at the Sackler Library




Lockers are near the library entrance and are operated by £1 coins. Plastic bags for use in the library are provided free at the reception desk. We do not provide a bulky item storage service. All lockers must be emptied each day before closing time. We will dispose of any unattended items found in the locker rooms or the lobby.


Print, Copy and Scan (PCAS)

Some of our Print, Copy and Scan (PCAS) machines are reserved for staff use, as we work on delivering LibraryScan and ORLO (Oxford Reading Lists Online).

You can use Bodleian Libraries Print, Copy and Scan (PCAS) facilities in this library for printing, photocopying and scanning, and pay using your PCAS account. The PCAS machines are self-service and available on floors LG to 2. Find out more about PCAS

For high-quality scans (required for presentations, publications, theses etc), please apply to staff. 


Connect to library Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available throughout the library. The Bodleian Libraries offer several Wi-Fi networks, including ‘Bodleian-Libraries’ for University and Bodleian Reader card holders, and ‘eduroam’ for members of educational institutions. Find out more about how to connect.


Use library computers

There are computers on all floors of the Rotunda, in the Papyrology Library, the Haverfield Room and in the entrance area. All computers provide access to SOLO, the catalogue for Oxford University’s libraries. Find out more about using Bodleian Libraries PCs.


Request or reserve items

The Bodleian Libraries hold around 8 million items in off-site storage. Items can be ordered from the Book Storage Facility (BSF) and delivered to the Sackler Library for you to consult. Deliveries are twice a day (Monday to Friday). Find out more about how to reserve and request items

The library operates a Self Collect (and Self Return) service (located on floor G) for items requested from the offsite book facililty. Items for return should be placed in the marked plastic tubs near the help desk. 


Inter-library loans

The Sackler Library accepts requests from other UK libraries for photocopies of articles in books and journals. The library does not lend books or journals. The library does not take part in the International Inter-Library Loan Scheme.

The requesting library should send the request by email ( or post, with details of the article or chapter required. If this is not known, we can send a photocopy of the relevant contents page(s). Please include the library's request number and BLDSC account number. The charge for the service will be the current BLDSC rate for photocopies.