Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library for disabled readers

A view of a reading room with three desks curving around a round room with shelves on either side


The main entrance to the building is in St John Street. There are no steps. Readers with mobility issues can be given access from the outer lobby into the library itself through the swing gate exit to facilitate entry. You can also choose to remain on the Ground Floor for the duration of your visit and have a desk reserved for you — please contact desk staff ( in advance of your visit.

All floors, except for the Haverfield Room, are accessible by lift. If you require lift use in the event of an emergency, or would have other difficulties evacuating the building without assistance, please contact us to arrange a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

Accessible toilets are located off the outer entrance lobby (Ground Floor) and on Floor 2 near the South Stairs.

A bell is rung 15 minutes before the library is due to close, and then twice at closing time. The volume of the bell is loud in all areas of the library. It is rung continuously in the event of an emergency evacuation.

For more detailed accessibility information, visit the University Access Guide. The Disability Liaison Librarian for the Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library, Grace Brown (, can also be contacted to discuss further support needs.


Readers who are unable to evacuate by stairs should discuss an evacuation plan with the library staff before accessing these floors. If out of order, disabled readers may use the staff lift. The lift will stop working in case of a fire alarm. The lift is equipped with an emergency call button, which can be used in the event of a lift failure to summon assistance. After 4.30pm the lift service company can take up to 4 hours to attend a breakdown. Readers should bear this in mind when choosing to use the lift after this time.

Services and support

Desk staff can fetch books from other floors or from higher shelves.

There is a bookable study-carrel on the second floor and walk-in study carrels on the ground floor, lower ground floor and third floor. 

Ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks are available on the ground floor and in the study carrels.

Assistive equipment is available from the help desk:

  • foot stool
  • screen riser
  • daylight lamp
  • dimmable task lamp
  • book stands
  • magnifier
  • coloured acetate sheets and reading rulers
  • coloured printing paper
  • earplugs

For enquiries about supporting equipment and materials, please contact library staff in person or by email.