Borrowing at the Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library

A central back of large bookshelves in the centre of a round room
The Art Library front entrance will be closed from Monday 15 July – Friday 26 July due to building work. Alternative arrangements to enter and exit the building will be in place via Pusey Lane. During this period the library will close at 5pm Monday to Friday, and it will be closed on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July. If you have any queries or access requirements, please email

Who can borrow?

  • If you hold a valid (blue-striped) University card, you may borrow from our circulating collections. Students may borrow from the Classics Lending Library (see below). 
  • If you hold a Bodleian Reader card, you have reference-only access to our collections, and may not borrow items.

What can be borrowed?

Eligible readers may borrow from our circulating collections.

The following items cannot be borrowed:  

  • any work published pre-1850
  • periodical parts without barcodes
  • special collections (rare books and archival materials)
  • any item judged not to be in a fit state to be borrowed
  • any item marked as confined/library use only
  • legal deposit items

Classics Lending Library (CLL): student borrowing only


The Classics Lending Library (CLL) is in the floor G rotunda area close to the help desk and either side of the public computers, new books displays and casual seating area. The collection includes required reading texts for Oxford undergraduate students reading Classics and joint schools subjects, and printed copies of older exam papers.


Only Oxford students may borrow from the CLL. Other readers, including academic and administrative staff, may not borrow from this collection. Students may borrow up to 9 items from the combined collections with a maximum of six items in any category (main library book, main library periodical, CLL book, CLL article). The borrowing period for all CLL items is 1 week. Items can be renewed 3 times if not reserved by another reader.

Vacation loans are available for CLL books. Items borrowed on or after Wednesday of Week 8 are due back by Monday of Week 1 of the following term. Reminders are posted at the relevant times.

Borrowing allowances and loan periods

Our borrowing policy applies across all Bodleian Libraries that offer lending, including the Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library. Find out more about borrowing from the Bodleian Libraries, including how many items you can borrow, loan periods and automatic renewals.

Vacation borrowing for most items begins on Monday of 8th Week each term.

In addition:

  • University card holders wishing to borrow are welcome to issue books to themselves, using the self-issue machine near the exit turnstile. Please be sure to use the self-issue machine well before closing time.
  • Vacation loans are available for CLL items only. For all other items, standard loan periods apply during vacations.  
  • Borrowed items should be used locally at home or in other Oxford libraries. They should not be taken elsewhere, particularly on holidays or field trips.