Self Collect

Our Self Collect service allows you to collect requested books, large items and periodicals that you have ordered from the closed stacks without needing to consult a member of staff. 

Self Collect items cannot be borrowed; you must consult them within the library.

Using this service

This service is available in:

When placing a hold request in SOLO, any available Self Collect points will be indicated in the list of available delivery locations. Some items are not eligible for Self Collect. If you are not offered a Self Collect point, the item will need to be ordered to a staffed delivery point.

To order items to the Radcliffe Camera Self Collect point, choose ‘Radcliffe Camera (Lower)’ as your delivery location. The Upper and Lower Reading Rooms of the Bodleian Library will appear as separate locations.

Self Collect ID

All the items you order to a Self Collect point will be filed together under your Self Collect ID.

This comprises the first three letters of your surname and the last 4 numbers of your University or Bodleian Reader card barcode number, e.g. Wre4772.

If your surname has fewer than three letters it will be displayed in full, followed by the last four digits of your library barcode.

Any character that is not a letter (e.g. spaces or other characters) will not form part of your ID. For example, ‘O’Brien’ will become ‘OBR’.

If your card barcode changes, your Self Collect ID will also change.


Items are available to collect and use for 7 days, after which they will be returned automatically to the closed stack. You can renew your items via My SOLO. You can order a maximum of 10 books at a time.

Material requested to a Self Collect point may only be used in that library.

All items requested to Self Collect points come with a hold request slip, which should stay with the item at all times. Please speak to staff before using an item ordered to a Self Collect point by another reader.

Collection at the Bodleian Library or Radcliffe Camera

You can use Self Collect items in any of the Bodleian Library or Radcliffe Camera reading rooms, and in the Gladstone Link. Please consult with staff if you wish to take items into the Upper Camera.

Items taken into the Duke Humfrey’s Library cannot be brought out again.

Radcliffe Camera

The Self Collect shelves in the Radcliffe Camera are split between the Lower Camera Reading Room and the Upper Gladstone Link. Books are shelved alphabetically according to your Self Collect ID:

  • A—K: Lower Camera central area
  • L—O: Lower Camera, opposite the enquiry desk
  • P—Z: Upper Gladstone Link

Lower Reading Room, Bodleian Library

The Self Collect shelves in the Lower Reading Room of the Bodleian Library are located in the Reference Room, at the north end of the reading room near the Main Enquiry Desk.

Loan periods and renewals

Items you have ordered from the closed stacks are considered ‘on loan’ to you. They will remain available from the Self Collect point for 7 days.

Any items you wish to consult more than once during this period should be returned to the Self Collect point and shelved in the correct place in the alphabetical sequence.

Once the loan period has expired, the item will be returned to the closed stacks. You can check the end dates of your loans and renew items beyond this period through the ‘Loans’ tab of My SOLO.

You cannot use the Self Collect point to reserve non-Self Collect items, including items from the open shelves. Library staff monitor the Self Collect shelves and will remove any material that should not be there.

Return items

When you have finished with the item, you can shelve it on the returns trolley in the Self Collect area or hand it in at a staffed desk.