Using the Nizami Ganjavi Library

Two bookshelves with a large book open on display

General information

Library rules

  • All readers must follow the Bodleian Libraries Regulations and Rules of Conduct, as well as local rules for this library given on this page.
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode while inside the library.  
  • Articles left on library premises or in lockers are at the owner's risk.   
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the library, except bottled water. If you have a medical need to keep food with you, please speak to library staff.

Layout and classification

  • You can find a plan of the library and the locations of the different shelving schemes at the front desk.
  • The general reference section is on the ground floor of the library. A detailed map is available.
  • Library shelves are labelled with the shelfmarks they house. If you are unable to find something, do feel free to ask the library staff.  
  • Most of the collections on the ground floor use the Library of Congress Classification (LCC).
  • The South Asian and Hebrew collections on the lower ground floor use a bespoke library classification.
  • Korean books and books on Eastern Christianity are also housed on the lower ground floor. These have a prefix on the record (‘KSL’ and ‘ECL’, respectively) that identifies them as being part of these collections and not the general LCC sequence.