Nizami Ganjavi Library for disabled readers

A long blue table surrounded by bookshelves


The main entrance to the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is on Pusey Lane, opposite the Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library at the south end of St John Street. There are steps leading up to the front door.

The library is fully wheelchair-accessible via a ramp on the right-hand side of the building which leads down to the basement-level entrance. Readers can have their cards configured to open these doors. Otherwise, please ring in advance or press the bell at the bottom of main entrance steps. From the basement, a lift provides full access to all parts of the building including the library.  

A disabled toilet is located on the first floor of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, near Seminar Room 116.

In the event of an emergency, there is an evacuation chair on the second floor. Staff members are trained in its use.

Car parking on-site is extremely limited and cannot be pre-booked. Visitors arriving by car are advised to make use of Oxford's Park & Ride facilities. Disabled visitors can contact reception in advance of arriving and arrange a parking space in one of the garages opposite the building.

For more information about access, visit the University’s Access Guide.