2018-19 Visiting Fellows

Albi Rosenthal Visiting Fellow in Music

GRIFFEY, ROSS [Sep 2018–Dec 2018] Teaching Fellow and PhD candidate, The Julliard School, New York. New Song Cycle about Arctic Exploration [title TBD]

Bahari Visiting Fellows in the Persian Arts of the Book

FIROUZEH, PEYVAND [Jan 2019--Feb 2019] Max-Planck Post-Doctoral Researcher 2016-2018, Kunsthistorisches Institute, Florence. Reception of the Shahnama under the Timurids in Shiraz

 JACKSON, CAILAH [Feb 2019-July 2019] Independent Scholar The Late Fourteenth-Century Persian Arts of the Book in the Bodleian Library

STURKENBOOM, ILSE [Aug 2018–Sep 2018, Jan 2019] Lecturer in Iranian Islamic Art History, University of St Andrews. Sadi’s Kulliyat, MS. Pers. E.26 and its “Chinese” Painted Paper

Byrne Bussey Marconi Fellows in the History of Science & Communication

DOHERTY, MEGHAN [Sep 2018–Dec 2018] Assistant Professor, Director and Curator, Berea College, Kentucky. The Philosophical Transactions and the Development of the Scientific Image as Lingua Franca

SAXENA, MEDHA [Aug 2018–Nov 2018] Assistant Professor, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi. Wireless in Colonial South Asia

Carr-Thomas-Ovenden Visiting Fellow in English Literature

NABUGODI, MATHELINDA [Oct 2018–Dec 2018] Research Excellence Academy Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Newcastle University. Percy Shelley’s Translation Practice

David Walker Memorial Fellows in Early Modern History

BENDALL, SARAH [Sep 2018–Oct 2018] PhD candidate, Department of History, University of Sydney. Making and Buying Deformed Fashions: The Tailoring, Body-making and Farthingale-making Trades in 17th-century England

CONSTANTINE, MARY-ANN [Jan 2019–Apr 2019] Reader, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales and the National Library of Wales. Antiquaries on Tour: Exploring the Pennant-Gough Correspondence

ELOY MUÑOZ, JOSÉ [Aug 2018] Professor, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. The 17th-century “Court of Brussels” as Viewed in the Clarendon State Papers

GUERRA, MARYSTELLA [Sep 2018–Nov 2018] PhD Candidate and Tutor in Medical Terminology, Institut für Geschichte, Theorie und Ethik der Medizin, Aachen University. Gefallene Madchen and Poor Married Women: Midwifery Training in Transition in Berlin, Jena, London, and Oxford

HEMMENS, SUSAN [Aug 2018–Sep 2018] Deputy Keeper, Marsh’s Library, Dublin. Correspondence of Natural Philosophers

MCGRATH, BRID [Sep 2018–Nov 2018] Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Histories and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin. The Operations of the Irish House of Commons, 1613–1648

Humfrey Wanley Visiting Fellows

KUCZYNSKI, MICHAEL [Jan 2019–Feb 2019] Professor and Chair of English Department, Tulane University. The Works of William Norton, OFM (fl.1403), the Oxford Translation Debate, and the Wycliffite Bible

JANES, DOMINIC [Apr 2019–Jun 2019] Professor of Modern History, Keele University. Images and Realities of Georgian Macaronis and Dandies

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Foundation-Bodleian Visiting Fellows

MATTISON, JULIA [Sep 2018–Dec 2018] PhD Candidate, Department of English, University of Toronto. The Circulation of French Manuscripts in England in the Long Fifteenth Century

SMITH, DAVID CHAN [Apr 2019–Jul 2019] Associate Professor, Department of History, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario. Defending Companies: Legitimacy and Social Responsibility in England's First Corporate Economy, 1625–1784

Sassoon Visiting Fellows

BOCKING-WELCH, ANNA [Aug 2018] Lecturer in British and Imperial History, University of Liverpool. Civic Society and International Engagement: The British Public and Humanitarian Activity in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

CALVELLI, LORENZO [Feb 2019–Apr 2019] Senior Lecturer, Department of Humanistic Studies, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia. Lost and Found: A Venetian Transcription of a Hellenistic Interstate Treaty from Crete

GOSFIELD, AVERY [Apr 2019–May 2019] Artistic Director, Ensemble Lucidarium, Italy. A Shadow Repertoire: A Comparative Study of Early Modern Jewish Poetry and Commonly Sung Forms

GRIBLING, BARBARA [Mar 2019] Lecturer, St Mark’s College, Vancouver and Honorary Fellow in Modern British History, Durham University. Historically Themed Toys and Games

OPALIÑSKA, MONIKA [Aug 2018] Associate Professor, Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw. Middle English Metrical Translations and Paraphrases of the Pater Noster in Bodleian Library Manuscripts

POWELL, SUSAN [Nov 2018–Dec 2018] Emeritus Professor of Medieval Texts and Culture (retired), University of Salford and Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies, University of London. A Facsimile of the Tewkesbury Abbey Founders’ Book (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Top. Glouc. d. 2)

REFINI, EUGENIO [Jul 2019] Assistant Professor of Italian Studies, Johns Hopkins University. Rewriting the Classics: Merchants as Translators in Fifteenth-century Italy

SASSON, TEHILA [May 2019–Jun 2019] Assistant Professor of Britain and the World, Emory University. British Non-governmental Aid Programs and Humanitarianism

TRACHSLER, RICHARD [Jan 2019–Feb 2019] Professor of Medieval French and Occitan Literature, University of Zürich. Manuscripts of the French Arthurian Prose Cycles

ZANIN, ENRICA [Jul 2019] Senior Lecturer, Faculté des Lettres, University of Strasbourg. Beyond Pleasure and Profit: How was Boccaccio’s Decameron Read in Early Modernity?

Bodleian Printer-in-Residence 2018

MARTIN, EMILY [Oct 2018-Nov 2018] Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for the Book, University of Iowa. Movable Devices in Books

BSECS-Bodleian Fellow 2018

WAGNER, DARREN [Dec 2018–Jan 2019] Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institut für Geschichte der Medizin und Ethik in der Medizin, Charité and Freie Universität Berlin. Shocking and Edifying: Gender and Demonstrations of Anatomy, Electricity, and Generation in 18th-century Britain

Dunscombe Colt Research Fellow 2018

PARK, JULIE [Aug 2018–Sep 2018] Research Associate, Huntington Library, USA and Master's student in Library and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. Extra-Illustrated Book Making and the Art of Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century

Renaissance Society of America (RSA)-Bodleian Research Fellows 2018

COHEN, EVELYN, RSA–Kress Bodleian Research Fellow [Aug 2018] Independent Scholar, Joel ben Simeon's Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library

YILDIRIM, DUYGU, RSA-Bodleian Research Fellow [Aug 2018–Sep 2018] PhD Candidate, Stanford University. Familiar Difference: Science, Faith and Empathy between Constantinople and Europe, 1650–1750

Yale-NUS Bodleian Visiting Fellow 2018

BAKER, GEOFF [May 2018–Dec 2018] Associate Professor of Humanities (Literature), Yale-NUS College, Singapore. Critique of Judgment: Belief in Evidence in the Nineteenth-Century Novel

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