2023–24 Awarded Visiting Fellowships

Sub-Saharan African Studies Fellowship

Maxmillian Julius Chuhila, Senior Lecturer, University of Dar es Salaam
Topic: Expanding Frontiers: History, Culture and Belonging on the Slopes of Kilimanjaro, ca.1920s

Ann Ball Bodley Fellowship in Women’s History

Anna Jamieson, Associate Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
Topic: “A Touch of the Blue Devils”: Women, Mental Health and Self-Care in England, 1740-1860

Virlana Shchuka, Independent Scholar
Topic: Elizabeth Hervey’s Gothic Networks and Eighteenth-Century Domestic Violence

Stacie Vos, Assistant Professor of English, University of San Diego
Topic: Emma, Christina and Gunhilda: The Modern Enclosures of Female Medievalists 1901-1950

Albi Rosenthal Fellows in Music

Anselm Heinrich, Professor of Theatre Studies, University of Glasgow
Topic: Music in Britain During the Second World War

Caroline Lesemann-Elliott, Teaching Assistant, Royal Holloway University of London
Topic: Unlocking the Blount Music Collection

Maximilian Rosenthal, University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig
Topic: A Composer’s Finances: Investigating Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s Account Books

Alon Schab, Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa
Topic: Rethinking the score of Henry Purcell’s Opera King Arthur (1691)

Jason Stoessel, Associate Professor, University of New England
Topic: Ciconia’s Padua: An Early Fifteenth-Century Emotional Community of Humanists and Musicians

Leonardo Julio Waisman, Investigador Principal CONICET 
Topic: The villancico chapbooks in the Bodleian Library: index, concordances, and musical settings

Albi Rosenthal Fellowship in Music – call for composers

Can Bilir
Topic: Missed Songs of Josefine

Bahari Fellows in the Persian Arts of the Book

Nahid Assemi, Director of Operations, Iran Heritage Foundation (London)
Topic: Research into archives of Mirza ʿAli Khan Amin al-Dawlah (1844-1904)

Paul Losensky, Emeritus Professor, Indiana University
Topic: Early Modern Persian Poetry: Fayzi and Toghra

Fateme Montazeri, Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley
Topic: Qasidahs by Hafiz: A Neglected Poetic form in the Bodleian Persian Manuscripts

Byrne Bussey Marconi Fellows

Matt Parker, Independent Scholar
Topic: Listening across scales: A cultural ecology of telecommunications in a wireless world

Beaty Rubens, Freelance radio producer and writer
Topic: What Is Home Without a Radio?

Tal Zalmanovich, Research Associate, University of Haifa
Topic: Broadcasting Apartheid: British Television and the Anti-Apartheid Campaign, 1950-1990

Carr-Thomas-Ovenden Fellows in English Literature

Madeleine Callaghan, Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Topic: 21st-Century Oxford Authors: Percy Bysshe Shelley

Emma Clery, Professor, Uppsala University
Topic: A new scholarly edition of the letters of Mary Wollstonecraft

David Walker Memorial Fellows in Early Modern History

Steffi Dippold, Associate Professor of English, Kansas State University
Topic: Plain as in Primitive: Thinking the Native in Colonial America 

Christopher Gillett, Assistant Professor, University of Scranton
Topic: Catholicism and Revolution in the British World, 1630-1673 

Victoria Leonard, Research Fellow, University of London
Topic: Orosius and The Rise of Printing in Early Modern Europe

Peter Lindfield, Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
Topic: Faking Our Past: History, Literature, and Materiality

Emily Rowe, Lecturer, King's College London
Topic: Little cities: Experiencing and imagining the early modern military camp

Humfrey Wanley Fellows

Dario Pecoraro, Post-doctoral fellow, Università degli Studi di Udine
Topic: Manuscripts of the Guadagni Library in the Canonici Collection

Peter Selley Fellow

Peter Kidd
Topic: The Illuminated Cuttings of William Young Ottley

Sassoon Fellows

Zaib un Nisa Aziz, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
Topic: Freedom After Freedom: A Global History of the Abolition of Indentured Labour in the British Empire

Pippa Catterall, Professor of History and Policy, University of Westminster
Topic: Prime Ministerial Strategy and Macmillan’s Last Grand Design 1959-1963

Megan Cook, Associate Professor, Colby College
Topic: Afterwords: Middle English in Early Modern England

Evi Heinz, Research Associate, University of Münster
Topic: James Joyce’s Ulysses and the Casanova Society

Ahuva    Liberles-Noyman, Lecturer, Tel Aviv University
Topic: A Rabbi's notebook as a window to Jewish heritage from late medieval Regensburg

Agust Nieto-Galan, Professor of History of Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Topic: Helping Refugee Scholars: The “Society for the Protection of Science and Learning” and the Fight for Freedom of Thought and Study (1933-1956)

Sara Norja, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Turku
Topic: Uncovering Alchemical Manuscripts

Agata Paluch, Research Associate, Free University of Berlin
Topic: Jewish Recipe Books as Epistemic Objects: Between Learned and Vernacular Knowledge-Making in Premodern Central and Eastern Europe

Derek Ryan, Senior Lecturer, University of Kent
Topic: The Bloomsbury Bookshop: Birrell & Garnett Ltd and Modernist Book Culture

Harry Spillane, Supervisor in Early Modern History, University of Cambridge
Topic: Biblical Plurality in Early Modern England

David Torollo, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, Complutense University of Madrid
Topic: Unearthing Judeo-Arabic Wisdom Texts 

Christine Walker, Assistant Professor, Yale-NUS College, Singapore
Topic: Imperial Kin: families at the centre of imperial history

Sloan Fellow in Photography

Donna Brett, Associate Professor, University of Sydney
Topic: Modernist Photobooks, Propaganda and the Everyday

Elizabeth Watkins, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds
Topic: Tutankhamun: Colourisation and the Photographic Archive

BSECS-Bodleian Fellow

Sarah Wride, Tutor University of York
Topic: Words and Means: Maria Edgeworth and the Woman Writer as Legislator, 1795-1848

Dunscombe Colt Research Fellow

Christopher Garibaldi, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge 
Topic: The Royal Palaces at Newmarket from 1609 to 1728