2014–15 Awarded Visiting Fellowships

Royal Bank of Canada Foundation-Bodleian Fellows

Stuart Barnard, University of Calgary
Topic:  Missionary Networks and Bible Distribution in Canada, 1830-1900. RBC-Bodleian Lecture on Missionaries and Religious Print Culture in Canada

Jessica Clark, McGill University.
Topic: Beauty Brokers: Gender, Artifice, and the Victorian Grooming Industry, 1850-1912. RBC-Bodleian Lecture on RBC-Bodleian Lecture on Beauty and the Victorians and podcast on In Pursuit of Beauty: Modern Guides to the Hair, Face, and Body, 1784-1933

Byrne-Bussey Marconi Fellows

Elizabeth Bruton, University of Leeds
Topic: Geographies of Marconi: Mapping the Early History of Marconi and His Companies, 1896-1901

Kapil Subramanian, King's College London
Topic: The British Heavy Electrical Industry and India

Humfrey Wanley Fellows

Arnold Hunt, The British Library
Topic: The Birth of Bibliomania: Book Collecting in Britain 1650-1750

Laure Miolo, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Topic: The Scientific Collection of the Medieval Library of Merton College, 1274–1500

Sassoon Fellow

Kate Macdonald, Ghent University
Topic: Differences in the Depiction of Disability in Popular Print Culture

David Walker Memorial Fellow in Early Modern History

Katherine Olson, University of Bangor
Topic: Finding Salvation: Popular Religion, Reformation & Culture in Wales and the Marches

Renaissance Society of America (RSA)-Bodleian Fellow 2014

Renee Raphael, University of California, Irvine
Topic: Reading the New Science: Scholarly Practices in 17th-century Experimentation and Mathematics

BSECS-Bodleian Fellow 2015

Claire Gallien, Université Paul Valéry- Montpellier III
Topic: Orientalism in the Making, 1636-1813

Dunscombe Colt Research Fellow 2015

David Mckinstry, Kellogg College, University of Oxford
Topic: Interpreting Urban Italy: English Responses to Post-Antique Architecture in the Early 19th Century