2022–23 Awarded Visiting Fellowships

Peter Selley Fellows

Philip Errington, Senior Specialist, Peter Harrington Rare Books
Topic: The Forgotten Papers of the John Masefield Estate
1 month (distributed)

Laura Light, Director and Senior Specialist Text Manuscripts, Les Enluminures, Chicago
Topic: Latin Bibles in England, c. 1200–c.1230
3 months

Sloan Fellow in Photography

Tomáš Dvořák, Assistant Professor, Academy of Performing Arts In Prague
Topic: Czech Edition of William Henry Fox Talbot’s Pencil of Nature 
2 months

Albi Rosenthal Fellows in Music

Margaret Barrett, Professor, Monash University
Topic: The intangible heritage of children's musical cultures
1 month

Angela McShane, Hon. Reader in History, University of Warwick
Topic: Rethinking the Ballad Archive
1 month

Henry Parkes, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
Topic: Staging the Medieval Night Office: A Comparative Study of Liturgical Uses
2 months

Bahari Fellows in the Persian Arts of the Book

Mohammad Afshinvafaie, Assistant, Professor University of Tehran
Topic: A Textual study of the Shāhnāmah 
3 months

Nicoletta Fazio, Curator of Iranian Lands, Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Topic: Between ʿishq and fin’amor: Text-Image Tension in Niẓāmī’s Laylī va Majnūn and the Roman de la Rose Traditions
3 months

Claire Gallien, Associate Professor, Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 
Topic: Islam at the Bodleian. Collecting, Cataloguing, and Using Islamic Sources at the Bodleian Library during the 17th and 18th centuries.
3 months

Domenico Ingenito, Associate Professor, UCLA
Topic: Nizami Ganjavi’s Haft Paykar: Toward a New Critical Edition and Translation of a Persian Masterpiece
3 months

Marc Iravani, Clinical Professor, UCLA
Topic: Medical epistemology in Joveini’s Hidayat
3 months

Dagmar Riedel, Independent scholar
Topic: Early British Collectors and the Manuscript Trade in India and Iran before 1815: The Persian Collections of the Ouseley Brothers
3 months

Kayvan Tahmasebian, Independent scholar
Topic: Persian Albums and the Interspaces of Comparison
3 months

Byrne Bussey Marconi Fellows

Thandeka Cochrane, Research Associate, King’s College London
Topic: Cartographies of Cancer: Measuring and Mapping Disease in southern Africa
1 month

Jacqui Grainger, Librarian, Royal United Services Institute
Topic: Networks and collections in the first 30 years of the United Services Museum
1 month

Maria Rikitianskaia, Lecturer, Regent’s University, London
Topic: Marconi ‘Amazons’: radiotelegraph operators and gender stereotypes
2 months

Carr-Thomas-Ovenden Fellow in English Literature

Mark Crosby, Associate Professor, Kansas State University
Topic: William Blake’s Apprenticeship 
2 months

Eileen Hunt, Professor, University of Notre Dame
Topic: The Specter of Pandemic: Mary Shelley and Post-Apocalyptic Political Thought
2 months

Gabriella Reuss, Senior Lecturer, Catholic University, Budapest
Topic: Macready’s 1834 restoration of King Lear: A promptbook study
2 months

David Wiggins, independent scholar
Topic: Gothic Images: Illustration in the English Gothic Novel, 1764–1830
3 months

David Walker Memorial Fellows in Early Modern History

Kate Davison, Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century History, University of Sheffield
Topic: Grub-Street Laughter: Ned Ward, Satire, and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Britain
1 month

Ann Hughes, Professor Emerita, Keele University
Topic: The scribal practices of Walter Boothby: Bodl. MS. Eng. c. 2693 in context. (1632-65)
2 months

Sarah Knight, Professor, University of Leicester
Topic: Knowledge about the Ottoman World at the Early Modern English Universities
1 month

Katie Reid, Palaeography tutor, Warburg Institute
Topic: The Book History of Renaissance Mythology: The Case of Vincenzo Cartari
1 month

Paul Salzman, Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University
Topic: Almanacs and their Readers 1600-1760: a comparative study
3 months

Luisa Simonutti, Research Director, National Research Council Institute, Milan
Topic: John Locke, Toleration and Religion: Tracing an Islamic Manuscript on Toleration in Early Modern Europe
2 months

Timothy Twining, Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
Topic: The Archbishop as Scholar: James Ussher and the Making of Protestant Knowledge
2 months

Humfrey Wanley Fellows

Jenny Adams, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts
Topic: Degrees of Collateral: Books, Borrowing, and the Business of Medieval Oxford
1 month

Sonja Drimmer, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts
Topic: Reproduction: Genealogy in Roll, Codex, and Rolodex
1 month

Michael Hall, Curator of Ceramics, The Capelain Collection, Jersey
Topic: Solomon Gautier’s collection of Master drawings
1 month

Michael Suarez, Professor, University of Virginia
Topic: The Reach of Bibliography: Looking Beyond Letterpress in Eighteenth-Century Text
1 month

Sassoon Fellows

Liza Blake, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Topic: Margaret Cavendish’s printed works
2 months

Daniel Blank, Assistant Professor, Durham University
Topic: Beyond the Commercial Stage: Amateur Drama in Manuscript
2 months

Sarah Gould, Assistant Professor, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonn
Topic: Picturing the immaterial: Mary Somerville and early 19th-century landscape painting
1 month

Michael Hopkins, Reader in History, University of Liverpool
Topic: Banker, internationalist, diplomat: Robert Brand and international finance, 1919–1939
1.5 months

James McGrath, Chair, Butler University
Topic: John of History, Baptist of Faith: Triangulating on the Historical John the Baptist Using Jewish, Christian, and Mandaean Sources
1 month

Angus Nicholls, Professor, Queen Mary University of London
Topic: Pre-History of Comparative Literature in the ‘Science of Religion’: 1860–1900
2 months

Sadiah Qureshi, Associate Professor, University of Birmingham
Topic: Vanished: Episodes in the History of Empire and Extinction
2.5 months

Vaibhav Singh, Research Fellow, University of Reading
Topic: Writing on stone: Devanagari lithography in 19th-century India
3 months

Stephen Spencer, Early Career Research Fellow, King’s College London
Topic: Rewriting the Third Crusade: Information Dissemination and Memory Formation in the Medieval West, 1187–1300
1 month

Andrea Stevens, Associate Professor, University of Illinois
Topic: Racial Masquerade at the Caroline Court
1 month

Anne Thell, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore
Topic: The Aesthetics of Maritime Engraving, 1670–1760
3 months

Leah Tomkins, Visiting Professor, University of the West of England
Topic: Kafka, Leadership and Power
2 months

Shirili Weisman, Independent scholar
Topic: The structure of MS. Hunt. 80 (Mishneh Torah of Maimonides)
1 month

BSECS-Bodleian Fellow

Shirley Tung, Associate Professor, Kansas State University
Topic: Creating Cosmopolitanisms: Eighteenth-Century Women Travel Writers and the Re-imagination of Identity
1 month

Dunscombe Colt Research Fellow

Hannah Cusworth, PhD researcher, University of Hull/English Heritage 
Topic: Mahogany, enslaved Africans and Miskito Indigenous people at Marble Hill, Kenwood and Chiswick House
1 month