Information for Oxford University staff, students, and graduates

Members of staff, students, and academic visitors

If you are currently attached to a college, department, or institution of the University of Oxford, as a member of staff, a student, or an academic visitor, your blue University Card ('Bod Card') provides you with access to the Bodleian Libraries.

You can find more information about how to use your University Card here.

If your University Card is lost, stolen, or damaged you should inform your college, department, or institution administrator immediately. They will then advise you as to how to proceed and will organize a replacement card via the University Card Office.

Further information about how to replace lost, stolen, or damaged University Cards is available here.

The Bodleian Libraries' Admissions Office is unable to issue replacement University Cards. However, while you are waiting for a replacement University Card to be issued and sent to your college, department, or institution, and are unable to access the Bodleian Libraries, during our usual working hours the Bodleian Libraries' Admissions Office is able to issue a temporary day pass to provide access.

For the issue of a day pass you will need to bring a form of personal identification.

Degree Holders

Individuals holding an undergraduate or graduate degree from the University of Oxford are eligible to apply for a Bodleian Reader Card and may be granted access to the Bodleian Libraries free of charge. Unfortunately, this does not include certificates or diplomas.

The application process for degree holders is the same as for other Bodleian Reader Cards. Degree holders will need to complete a Bodleian Libraries Admissions form, including the Statement of Research Need, and to bring this to the Bodleian Libraries' Admissions Office, in person, along with one form of personal identification and one form of proof of address.

The Bodleian Libraries' Admissions form provides a space for you to note the details of your degree(s). It is helpful to note the shorthand degree title and subject, the year in which the degree was conferred, and your college (eg BA Medieval and Modern Languages, 2011, Oriel).

Degree holders should complete the Bodleian Libraries' Admissions form according to their current status, outlining any current affiliations to academic institutions, if applicable.

Retired members of staff

Retired members of staff of the University of Oxford are eligible for a Retiree's Card, if in receipt of a University Pension. This includes OSPS, USS, SAUL, NHS Pension Scheme, or exceptionally another pension scheme if this has been agreed under a TUPE agreement, and in any case where the person has hold a University post.

Further information about Retiree Cards can be found here.

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