Catalogues and holdings of Oxford University Archives

Which records are catalogued?

Most of the records in Oxford University Archives are catalogued. This page provides an overview of the catalogues which currently exist. We are in the process of making these catalogues available online as PDF documents, and these PDFs are highlighted below. Contact us for more information about those catalogues not yet online.

Early records (up to c. 1850)

The earlier records of the University – those contained in the Lower Archive Room – have been catalogued separately from the departmental and central administrative records listed below, although they may also contain material relating to those departments and central services. See the information about early records, or contact us for more details.

The University's medieval records have all been published, chiefly by the Oxford Historical Society.

Records of University central administrative services

Catalogues exist for the following:

  • Careers Service
  • Counselling Service
  • Development Office
  • Divisions and related bodies
  • Estates Services (including University Land Agent)
  • Examination Schools
  • Examiners' records
  • Faculties and related bodies
  • Halifax House (PDF, 10KB)
  • Hebdomadal Council
  • Proctors' Office
  • Public Relations
  • Research Services
  • Sheldonian Theatre (PDF, 33 KB)
  • Undergraduate Admissions Office
  • University Chest
  • University Registry
  • University Solicitor
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Various delegacies, committees and other bodies

Records of University departments

Catalogues exist for the following:

Related records

There are various types of records which are commonly thought to be held by us but which are, in fact, held elsewhere. See our guide to related records for information about these and where to find them.