Middle Eastern and Islamic

The Middle Eastern and Islamic collections reflects an interest lying principally in the fields of language, literature, history, philosophy and culture, the more specialised areas (like science and technology) being left to other local libraries to develop. It should be noted that the modern (1800-) history, politics, economics, etc. of the Middle East and North Africa are the responsibility of the Middle East Centre Library of St. Antony's College.  The Oriental Institute Library holds a collection of Modern Arabic Literature offsite at the Book Storage Facility which can be recalled to the Library via a hold request on SOLO, and loaned from the issue desk.  This spreadsheet lists all of these books.

The Oriental Institute Library and the Middle East Library are complementary collections for Near and Middle Eastern studies.

For further information about the Near and Middle Eastern Collection please contact our subject specialist, Lydia Wright lydia.wright@bodleian.ox.ac.uk 
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