Engagement and impact at the Taylor Institution Library

From 29 July, a maintenance project will be taking place in the Taylor Institution Library basement for approximately 6 weeks. During this time, parts of the basement will be closed from 5–7pm, and there will be no access at any time to the central section of the Slavonic and Modern Greek research collections for the duration of the project. The library will also be closed on Saturday 3 August, Saturday 10 August and Saturday 17 August. Ahead of the move, there may be some disruption in the basement as staff prepare the area. If you have any queries, please contact the Librarian-in-Charge, Joanne Ferrari (joanne.ferrari@bodleian.ox.ac.uk), or Taylor Enquiries (tay-enquiries@bodleian.ox.ac.uk).


The Faculty of Modern Languages has an established tradition of using original library materials (including early printed books, etc.) not only for research but also for teaching at all levels. In supporting this, the Taylor Institution Library has sought to acquire books of valuable academic content for use by academics and students alike, rather than focus on fine or pristine editions.

The library recognizes that its collections provide opportunities for valuable user engagement activities. Below you can learn more about some of the ways the library can support these activities, and the related procedures in place. There are opportunities for public engagement across the Bodleian Libraries.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any more suggestions or would like more information about these.


Academics and students are very welcome to curate exhibitions at the Taylor Institution Library, in liaison with the relevant subject librarian. We would advise you to contact your subject librarian at least 2-3 months in advance to discuss an exhibition proposal.


If you are organizing a conference or other event and think an accompanying exhibition appropriate, this should be factored in at the very beginning of the planning process and discussed with your subject librarian at that time. Any accompanying exhibition catalogue or other publication should also be discussed at this stage.

Temporary displays

If you are organising an event that does not require a full exhibition (eg to accompany a research seminar/evening event), the library may be able to help organise a temporary display. Display items are selected and shown in the appropriate seminar room for the duration of the event rather than in the Voltaire Room exhibition cases. Please contact your subject librarian at least 4 weeks in advance to discuss temporary displays.

Conservation and vulnerable materials

In order to preserve our collections for continued use by researchers, the library reserves the right to withhold items from exhibitions if they are fragile or otherwise unsuitable for display.

Library staff support

  • The library is happy to assist with promoting the exhibition. Library staff will help produce and print posters, will circulate details to college libraries, and will promote the exhibition on appropriate mailing lists and the library’s website, as well as through social media. Poster design must be finalized four weeks before the exhibition. It should include the phrase ‘Taylor Institution Library’ and the Bodleian Libraries’ logo. If you require professional quality printing, this must be arranged separately. The library is not able to cover external printing costs.  
  • Captions, details of book openings and accompanying display text must be provided at least 2 weeks in advance, to allow for consistent formatting and laminating (which will be done by the library). Text will be headed with the phrase ‘Taylor Institution Library’ and the Bodleian Libraries’ logo.  
  • Library staff will install the exhibition on the date agreed. Given sufficient notice, library staff may be able to collaborate in presenting the exhibition.
  • Exhibition catalogues: See Print on Demand Publications (below).


  • 2-3 months before (minimum): Contact your subject librarian to discuss the feasibility of your exhibition proposal and whether to have accompanying catalogue. Verify the Voltaire Room’s availability (or alternative) for your proposed display dates.
  • 6 weeks before: Provide a complete list of items required for the exhibition.
  • 4 weeks before: Finalize poster design, in consultation with the library.  
  • 2 weeks before: Provide captions, details of book openings and accompanying display text.

Print on demand publications

The library can publish short-run publications such as exhibition catalogues, translations and facsimiles of out-of-copyright texts. These publications must make use of the Library’s collections in some way. The published books are then available from online booksellers such as Blackwell’s, Waterstone’s and Amazon. The title page should include the phrase ‘Taylor Institution Library' and the Bodleian Libraries’ logo.

Please discuss your requirements with Emma Huber (Subject Librarian for German and the library’s digital publications coordinator) at least 3 months before your desired publication date. Approximately 40 copies must be sold for the library to break even on the publication costs. Conference organizers are advised to factor the price of the catalogue (usually about £3) into the conference fee and provide each delegate with a copy in order to ensure costs are covered.

If print-on-demand is not suitable for your publication, please still discuss this with Emma Huber, as alternative solutions may be available.


  • 12 weeks before: contact Emma Huber (emma.huber@bodleian.ox.ac.uk) to discuss your publication proposal.
  • 12-6 weeks before: submit formatted text, including typesetting, cover design, completion of relevant publisher information forms. Text should include the phrase ‘Taylor Institution Library’ and the Bodleian Libraries logo on the title page.
  • 6 weeks before: submit finished, proof-read copy.

Taylor Institution Library blog

Our blog is curated by the staff of the Taylor Institution Library. It aims to highlight items of interest in the library’s collections and contribute to bibliographical scholarship in modern languages and linguistics. Contributions focus on important new acquisitions, items in the Taylorian’s special collections, less well-known materials, unusual or alternative formats, and projects, events and research using the library’s collections.  

Guest posts on the Taylorian blog are very welcome. Posts are published on a two-weekly cycle (approximately). If you would like your post to coincide with an event, please speak to your subject librarian early in the planning stages. Posts must discuss the library’s collections in some way, but do not have to relate to an exhibition or event.

Social media

The library has Twitter and Facebook accounts, both with a large readership. The library usually retweets anything which refers to the library’s collections, which can help to raise the profile of researchers and their work. Remember to include @TAYoxford in your tweets, and if posting images from our collections please remember to check they are out of copyright, and reference them properly with a shelf mark!