Exhibitions and publications at the Taylor Institution Library


The Taylor Institution Library publishes short-run publications such as exhibition catalogues, translations and facsimiles of out-of-copyright texts.

Ho, Wuon-Gean and Bowen. Looking for Dante: Exploring The ‘Divine Comedy’ in Print from the 15th Century to Today (2024)


Boyle, Mary & al. (eds.) ‘Epic! Homer and the Nibelungenlied in Translation’ (2024)


Kapitan, Katarzyna Anna. ‘Lost but not Forgotten’ (2024)


Luther, ed. Gieseler, Lähnemann, Lähnemann. ‘Mönchkalb and Ursache und Antwort’ (2023)


Gomelauri, Thea. ‘The Lailashi Codex: The Crown of Georgian Jewry’ (2023)



Boyle, Mary. ‘Violent Victorian Medievalism’ (2022)


Luther, Jones and Lähnemann. ‘Ein Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen und Fürbitte der Heiligen’ (2022)


Aoife Ni Chroidheain (ed.) ‘Dangerous Creations 2022: Papers from a Roundtable Discussion’ (2022)


Banella and Feriozzi. ‘Dante’s Lyric Poetry in Oxford’ (2021)


Wareham, Bübenheimer and Lähnemann. ‘Passional Christi und Antichristi/Antithesis figurata vitæ Christi et Anthichristi’ (2021)


Luther, Jones and Lähnemann, 'Von der Freiheit eines Christenmenschen: On the Freedom of a Christian' (2020)


Lloyd, Alexandra et al, 'The White Rose: Reading, Writing, Resistance' (2019)


Held, Lähnemann and Lloyd (eds), 'Yoko Tawada in Dialogue' (2018)


Luther, Jones, Keßler, Lähnemann, and Ostermann, 'Sermon von Ablass und Gnade: Sermon on Indulgences and Grace' (2018)



Shakespeare, Draesner, Cheesman, Lähnemann, and Huber, 'Twin Spin: 17 Shakespeare Sonnets, with an Exhibition Catalogue for Shall I Compare Thee? Shakespeare in Translation' (2016)


Exhibitions in the Taylor Institution Library are held in the Voltaire Room. They are designed to showcase the Taylorian’s collections. They are on view for approximately 2 weeks and are not open to the general public, but can be made more visible through blog posts, exhibition catalogues, accompanying events and social media.

Academics and students are very welcome to curate such exhibitions.

Spain's Trienio Liberal (1820-1823): A Commemorative Exhibition


Desde el cuerpo: Contemporary explorations of the body authored by Latin American Women


Basel Printing around 1500


The White Rose: Reading, Writing, Resistance


Language Learning through the Ages


'The Unnatural Life at the Writing-Desk’: Women’s Writing across the Long Eighteenth Century


Identities in Transit: Portuguese Women Artists since 1950


‘Von der Muttersprache zur Sprachmutter’: Yoko Tawada’s Creative Multilingualism


Shakespeare in Translation


Futurism, Fascism and the Art of War


Livres d'Artistes