Sherardian Library for disabled readers

Two rows of bookshelves on either side of a walkway


The library is on the first floor of the south building of the Department of Plant Sciences. The level entrance to the department is around the left-hand side of the building on Sibthorpe Road. A lift provides access from the level entrance door to the rest of the building, but it may be too small for power-chair users. 

The library is accessed by a set of double doors with large vision panels. Both doors must be open for wheelchair access. Access to the main reading room is through a single-width door with no vision panel and a small twist handle. 

The reading room tables are a good height for wheelchair users, and there are moveable chairs.  

Catalogue computers are arranged around the edge of the room. Some shelves are too high to reach sitting down, and the library is not usually staffed.

The University Access Guide provides more detailed information about access to the Department of Plant Sciences and the Sherardian Library