Borrowing at the English Faculty Library

A student handing a book to a librarian at the information desk

Who may borrow?

  • Most of the English Faculty Library’s collection can be borrowed, except items indicated on SOLO as ‘Library Use Only’.
  • All members of the University are automatically pre-registered as members of the library.

How to borrow

To borrow English Faculty Library items, please bring them to a staff member at the library desk, along with your University card.

Borrowing allowances and loan periods

Our borrowing policy applies across all Bodleian Libraries that offer lending, including the English Faculty Library. Find out more about borrowing from the Bodleian Libraries, including how many items you can borrow, loan periods and automatic renewals. Your borrowing allowance includes films as well as books. 

Vacation borrowing for most items begins on Monday of 8th Week each term. 

Borrowing films

The film collections are open to all those studying and teaching film in the Faculties of English and Modern Languages, as well as those using film to support other courses or research across the University.

  • Films may be borrowed for educational purposes only. Commercial copyright regulations strictly forbid the copying of DVDs and videos.
  • DVDs in non-Region 2 format have been labelled with warning stickers. If you wish to borrow an item in non-region 2 format, please only do so if you are sure that your DVD player/PC can play it. Any replacement costs will be charged.
  • A film viewing area for VHS is located in the Computer Room. Full instructions are located in front of the TVs. Headphones must be used, and can be borrowed from the Issue Desk if required.
  • Portable DVD players are available for loan from the issue desk. Please ask staff for more information.

Renew and return

Lost items

If you have lost an item borrowed from this library, you must report it to a member of library staff at the issue desk or by email, giving the author's name and title of the book, your name and any additional information. On receiving notification of your lost item, we will contact you within 3 working days (Monday – Friday) to confirm that we are dealing with this matter. We will renew the book you have reported missing for 2 weeks to give you time to look for it, provided the due date has not already passed. At the same time, we will send you an invoice for the cost of the missing book.  

If after 2 weeks you are unable to find the item, you must pay the replacement costs in full. If you do not pay the invoice on time, your account will be debited for the amount and you may be blocked from borrowing across the Bodleian Libraries. Once the invoice has been settled, the item will be removed from your library account and any blocks removed.  

You may pay for lost items online by credit or debit card. If your payment is made outside of weekday library opening hours, there may be a delay in this charge being removed from your library account.