Using the Sainsbury Library


  • You will need a Saïd Business School swipe card to enter the library.  
  • Please note the opening times for University card holders and for other Bodleian Readers.
  • We are pleased to make space available to University members who are not members of SBS. These additional spaces are limited, and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Bodleian Reader card holders may access the library during the vacation period only.
  • All non-SBS members must first visit the building reception desk. You will be directed to library staff for registration as a day user. You will be asked to exchange your University or Bodleian Reader card for a temporary swipe card. This access is restricted to a capped number of day visitors.
  • If you are not a member of the University, find out more about how to apply for a Bodleian Reader card.

For further information, or to discuss access requirements during term time, please contact the Bodleian Business Librarian, Hal Kirkwood.

General information


The Bodleian Libraries Regulations and Rules of Conduct apply in this library.


The Sainsbury Library is spread over two floors.

  • Books with the location Lower can be found on the lower floor of the library.
  • Books marked Annexe are in a side room called the Library Annexe on the lower floor.
  • Books marked Stack are on the upper floor.

Lower floor

On the lower floor you can find:

  • Books that are on SBS reading lists
  • PCs, iMacs, and Eikon terminals for SBS members
  • Two Bodleian PCs, one with Bloomberg access
  • Individual study seats and café-style tables which can be used for quiet group work

Conversation is allowed on the lower floor but should be kept to a low volume. Phone/Skype calls must be taken outside the library.

Upper floor

The upper floor has:

  • Individual study seats
  • PCs, iMacs, and docking stations

It is reserved for silent study, in consideration of those who require a quiet workspace. Students are asked to have their phones on silent when in that part of the library and to leave the area when taking any incoming calls.