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General Services  

Law Reserve Collection

The Library keeps a collection of the most heavily used text books in the Reserve Collection, behind the Enquiry Desk. These books are for use within the Library only (as is the rest of the collection), but are "wanded" in and out to readers, so that staff always know where they are in the Library, to prevent them being mislaid. This means that material on reading lists should always be readily available in the Library.

Legal research classes

We advertise classes and courses in our weekly newsletter which is sent to the undergraduate, postgraduate and Faculty mailing lists, and on our web site (classes). There is also a Book a Librarian Service which allows you to book a session specifically on your topic of study or a refresher. 

Please contact the Library staff as early as possible if you would like us to develop a new course on any aspect of the collections.

The Library has a collection of online Libguides  designed to introduce you to the various legal resources available, both in print in the Library and online, when you start a new topic or need to study a different jurisdiction.  

Law Bod 4 students

Law Bod 4 students provides scanned copies of articles that are not available online through the legal databases. For example, articles from LQR, PL and Crim LR.   

IT facilities

The Library has 40 public access computers. Please see the computing page for more information

You are very welcome to use your Laptop in the library. The computing page has information about connecting your laptop to the library network. 


Rooms for groups and discussion sessions

Library users are welcome to book these rooms - for periods of 2 hour sessions - at the Law Enquiry Desk or by email.
If the space has no prior booking, then these spaces are open to other readers to use on a first come first served basis.
Please note that the library no food rule applies in all these spaces: only bottled water and drinks in Keepcups are allowed.

Discussion Rooms 

On Level 0 there are 2 small discussion rooms (maximum occupancy 4 people) and 1 larger discussion room (maximum occupancy 6 people).  These have whiteboards and AV equipment.

Seminar Room

The Library's Seminar Room on Level 1 may be used for academic meetings and seminars on weekdays when the Library is open. It is suitable for groups of 15-18 seated around a large circular table. 

Graduate Reading Room

This area is specifically for the Law Faculty's postgraduate students it is located on Level 0. It is a silent study area; readers requiring a discussion space should book some time in one of the rooms mentioned above. 
Books from any part of the Library, including the Law Reserve, may be taken in there.  The GRR has:

  • A number of desks for general use
  • Access to the wireless network
  • A number of Bodleian Library computers  (please remember to bring your memory stick to save any work!)
  • Soft seating for more relaxed reading
  • A whiteboard and notice board are available
Please note that the library no food rule applies in the Graduate Reading Room and so only bottled water and drinks in Keepcups are allowed.

Inter-Library Loans

If you need a book or journal that is not available in Oxford, we may be able to borrow it from another library through our Inter-Library loan service.

Further assistance

Margaret Watson is the Academic Services Librarian. She can be contacted if you have any further queries.

The Graduate Reading Room
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