Photocopying, scanning & printing

 Please note that the use of the machines in the Law Library may change due to COVID-19 regulations, look for local signage or ask staff if you have any questions.


 PCAS: printing, photocopying, and scanning in Bodleian Libraries

To operate any of the self-service printer/copiers/scanners in the Bodleian Libraries you will need to have credit in your PCAS account. 

PCAS accounts use Bodleian Libraries username and password (which is also used to login to Reading Room PCs and Bodleian Libraries WiFi). Information about this account is available at

You can add credit to your PCAS account online (using your credit or debit card) by visiting the Oxford University Online Payment site or by requesting cash tops at those Bodleian libraries which handle cash - and the Law Library is one of these.

Below is a breakdown of the costs.

Single-sided Double-sided (duplex)
b/w or colour scan 2 p.  not available
b/w A4 photocopy or print 6 p. 9 p.
colour A4 photocopy or print 20 p. 30 p.
b/w A3 photocopy or print 10 p. 15 p.
colour A3 photocopy or print 40 p. 60 p.

Location of machines for copying, scanning and printing.
There are 3 machines in the PCAS Room on Level 2 (the main reading room), 1 machine on Level 3, and 1 on Level 0 outside the IT Training Room.

How do I photocopy, scan or print?

"How to" guides are located beside the machines in the Law Library, and are available online as below:

Getting Started

Photocopying Guide

Scan to Email Guide   Scan to USB Guide

Copying Different Book Sizes

Printing from Library PCs  Printing from Laptops  Printing from USBs Collecting your printing

Scan & Deliver


The machines are loaded with A4 and A3 paper, and you can reduce or enlarge originals. All of them allow black & white and some colour output (the latter does, of course, cost more.) Help screens are available to guide you through different actions. 

Copying restrictions

Observation of copyright law is your responsibility. Copyright notices are displayed by each machine; please read them.

Please do not photocopy books from locked cases (including theses), or any old or fragile volumes, or any loose-leaf works. If you require copies from any of these categories, please consult Library staff, who may, if necessary, copy them for you.

When you have finished, please leave the books on the trolley in the Photocopying Room, or return them to the Reading Room.


The Bodleian Law Library also allows readers to use personal, hand-held scanners and digital cameras.  

Personal Scanning Equipment All equipment, with the exception of flat bed scanners may be used. Please be careful not to disturb other readers.

The use of flash photography is forbidden at all times.

Material suitable for scanning

As a general rule, if the material is eligible for use on self-service photocopiers, then personal scanning will be permitted. If unsure whether an item is eligible to be scanned, please consult the library staff.

Please ask senior Library staff before you scan or photograph anything old, fragile or in loose-leaf format.


There are specific copyright limitations linked to the reproduction of digital images. Please see the separate information sheet, displayed in the Library.

Job errors

It is your responsibility to select what you want to print, photocopy or scan. Refunds will only be given in cases of equipment failure.
PCAS Terms and Conditions


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