Information for Visitors and New Readers

If you are visiting the Bodleian Law Library for the first time then below are some things that may help you.

Admission to the Law Library

Admission requires either a current Oxford University Card or a current Bodleian Reader Card. If you are not formally affiliated with Oxford University, please read about the procedures to get a Reader Card. Please note you need to complete the application process, in person, at the Central Admissions Office in the Weston Library Broad St before you come to the Law Library.

How do I get to the Bodleian Law Library?

This page give details on where the law library is and how to get there.

How do I find my way around?

The Bodleian Law Library is arranged over 4 floors. There is a lift as well as stairs to all.
There are many floorplans inside the library or you can see them here.  On the main floor, as you come in, there is an enquiry desk and there is always someone there to help you with any queries. Please feel able to ask directions.

Where can I sit?

There are a number of different seating areas around the library, some are restricted to research students and members of the Law Faculty.  The largest area that is open to everybody is the main reading room which is the large area as you come into the Library.  If you are unsure then ask a member of staff.

How do I find hard copy resources?

SOLO is the main Oxford Catalogue, more information can be found on the Catalogue pages.

What about online resources?

A lot of legal online resources are restricted to full, current OU Members with an Oxford SSO. (This is for licensing reasons.) Ask a member of staff if you are unsure whether you can access them.

Where can I photocopy, print and scan?

There is more information on the photocopying pages about where the machines are, prices and the PCAS payment system.

What about IT facilities?

There are a number of areas with computers, more information can be found on the IT and Computing page.  There is also information there about using your laptop and connecting to our Wi-Fi.


Please contact the Academic Services Librarian, Margaret Watson @ if you would like more information or a introduction to the library.

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