Inter-library loans

Due to the Library being closed because of COVID-19 we are currently unable to run this service.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  Please keep an eye on our Twitter feed for any announcements.





The Bodleian Law Library offers ILL services for members of the University and to libraries outside Oxford University.

It also offers a Document Delivery photocopy service for law firms and other individuals who are not part of the ILL or British Library systems.

Information for Oxford University and Bodleian Libraries members

Requests may be submitted by:

  • members of the library
  • other members of Oxford University

Requests may be submitted for:

  • Law materials
  • Other subjects

Enquiries: tel: (2)71452

What can I do if I need to read something that isn't in the Library?

First look on SOLO (the catalogue) to make sure that there isn't a copy in another of the Bodleian Libraries.

If you wish to read a book or article that is not held in any of the Bodleian Libraries, we may be able to borrow it from another university or from the British Library. This is an inter-library loan or ILL.

How do I make an ILL request?

If the item is not available in any of the Bodleian Libraries, you may request an interlibrary loan using the Request Form.

How much will it cost?

If you are a full current member of the University, each ILL request for an item in a UK Library will usually cost you £5.00. This is a subsidised rate.

You pay by PCAS account when you submit the Request Form.

Where will the ILL be sent to?

If you have asked for an article, a photocopy will be sent to the address that you have specified on the form, and the photocopy will be yours to keep. Books will be sent to the delivery location you specify on the Request Form for you to read in the Library (they may not be borrowed).

What if the ILL request is unsuccessful?

We regret that the Library cannot offer refunds for unsuccessful requests. This is because just making the request through the ILL network costs the Library money.

Information for libraries outside Oxford University

Requests for BOOK LOANS

We accept requests for book loans from UK libraries paying through a British Library account, or from libraries paying with IFLA vouchers.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept requests from libraries or individuals paying on receipt of an invoice.

Requests for Photocopies

We accept requests for photocopies from UK libraries paying through a British Library account and from Libraries paying with IFLA vouchers.

Please send your requests to:

Bodleian Law Library
St. Cross Building
Manor Road

tel: +44 (0)1865 271452
fax: +44 (0)1865 271475

British Library Code: OX/U15

How does copyright affect my ILL request?

UK Copyright guidelines state that you may receive photocopies of:

  • One chapter or 5% of a book, whichever is the greater
  • One article from an issue of a journal

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