The Law Library provides on site facilities and equipment for readers with disabilities.  Through the University's Disability Advisory Service and ARACU departments, students have access to more resources, help and advice.

There is a full access guide to the library at

General information

Lift access is available to all floors for all readers.

Accessible toilets are available throughout the building however there are no toilets in the library; the nearest are through an archway close to the library entrance.

Library staff will facilitate access to books where appropriate. Please visit the DAS website in the first instance if you are a student needing help with copying library materials or obtaining alternative formats.

Ergonomic equipment

We have four adjustable desks and a variety of seating options. You may borrow book stands and laptop stands from the enquiry desk, and we can arrange different types of mouse and keyboard where needed. Please tell us if you are physically uncomfortable working in the library and we'll work with you to find a solution. 

Working environment

If you have concerns about noise, foot traffic, crowds, temperature, etc. please contact us. We will be happy to give you a tour of the library and to advise you on the relative merits of different rooms, floors and areas. 

Services for people with mobility problems


The Bodleian Law Library is situated in the St. Cross Building, Manor Road. The main entrance to the Law Library is at second floor level via a set of 36 steps with two terrace breaks.

Access for people with mobility difficulties

There is an alternative entrance at the front of the building to the right of the main staircase for users with mobility difficulties. This entrance has both a concrete ramp and separate stepped access. Although for security reasons this door is kept locked, there is a push pad telephone to call the porters for assistance and access. Your university / library card can be set up to access this door, please ask the porters to arrange this, and to show you the route to the library. If you prefer, contact the library and a member of staff will meet you outside.


All parking in the St. Cross Building car park is for University car park permit holders only. Parking for Blue Badge holders who have University car park permits is available at the St. Cross Building. If you do not have a permit please contact the St. Cross Building Porters’ Lodge on 01865 271481 (or 71481 from inside the University) in advance, to request a visitor's permit.

Getting around inside the library

An internal lift links all floors of the library. In the event of fire the library lift would deactivate, however there are alert buttons in stairwell refuges to summon help. Disabled visitors should ask to be taken on a tour of the safety features and fill out a personal emergency evacuation plan.

Services for people with visual impairments or dyslexia

The following equipment and software is available

  • A daylight lamp
  • Acetate coloured sheets to lay over print
  • Kurzweil and Zoomtext 
  • Hand held and hands free magnifiers

In addition rooms are available for using your own voice activated computer, audio visual equipment, or listening to a helper reading.  However, computers with voice activating software are not provided.

Guides to the Library

The various leaflet guides to the Library and its collection on our web site are available in Word and pdf format.  If you would prefer an alternative format (e.g. braille or audio) please contact

Services for deaf and hard of hearing people

A portable RNID Ezee loop is at the enquiry desk, however this must be used away from the entrance due to feedback from the security gates. Please ask if you would like to use the loop and we can talk to you in a discussion or computer room.

Further information

Please inform us if you feel that the library could offer more help or facilities, we are flexible and will do our best to meet individual requirements.

The Bodleian Law Library Disability Liaison Officer is:-
Kathryn Tyne
telephone: 01865 271462 (or 71462 if dialling from inside the University)

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