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Afkortingenlijst voor juridische tijdschriften [FREE]
A free list of European legal abbreviations maintained by K.U. Leuven.

AGIS Plus Text [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Developed in partnership with the Attorney-General's Information Service Australia, this is a collection of abstracts and full text articles in comparative and Commonwealth law. Primary focus is on Australian, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region material.

Arbitration (Kluwer) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Kluwer Arbitration provides access to a range of resources on commercial international arbitration. GUIDE

Armed Conflict Database (ACD)  [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Note: OU subscription only allows four concurrent users. The ACD (from the International Institute for Strategic Studies) covers the world's international, internal and terrorist conflicts, whether active, subject to a ceasefire, or halted by a peace accord. Users can generate reports and download data as well as browse year-by-year analyses and fact sheets.


Beck Online [Personal Registration] [EXTERNAL:Oxford VPN] 
Database of German legal materials, including the full BGB. Primary and secondary materials are available in full text.

Bepress Legal Repository aka Berkeley Electronic Press [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Working papers plus Issues in Legal Scholarship, Global Jurist and Theoretical Inquiries in Law.

Bopcris [FREE]
In 2016 the documents previously accessed by BOPCRIS were transferred to the Internet Archive platform.

British Crime Survey - National Digital Archive of Datasets [FREE]
Current and archived datasets in the British Crime Survey series. The survey provides a measure of the true extent of crime, and is used by the Home Office to complement statistics derived from crimes reported to the police.

British & Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) [FREE]
Free cases from the UK Higher and Appeals courts c. 1996 -.


Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations [FREE]
Look up tool for legal abbreviations.

Carilaw is now part of JustisOne [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO] 
Caribbean primary sources.

Casecheck [FREE]
Free digests of cases from Scotland, England and European Court with links through to judgments where available. The search function is not limited to negligence/personal injury areas of law.

CIS Legislation Database [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Database of legislation of the Commonwealth of Independent State countries (Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kasakstan, K , Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and the Ukraine.)

CLEA Collection of Laws for Electronic Access aka WIPO-Lex [FREE]
Multi-jurisdictional database of intellectual property legislation and treaties provided by WIPO.

CLICC: Commentary on the Law of the International Criminal Court [FREE]
Formerly International Criminal Law Database & Commentary. Also known as Klamberg Commentary.

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Theory and research in international affairs. GUIDE

Commentary on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Common Market Law Reports 1962-  [Oxford SSO]
Part of our Westlaw UK subscription via the Cases link. NB Not the EU section of Westlaw.

Congressional Record (USA) 1995 - [FREE] 
For links to free sources for the activities of Congress from 1789 to date

Constitutions of the countries of the world and Constitutions of dependencies & territories of the world [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Since September 2013 have been published by OUP with name changes to include Oxford as first word in titles.

Current Legal Research Topics Database [FREE]
List of subjects currently being researched for higher degrees in the UK.




Darts-IP: intellectual property case law
IMPORTANT: This database is only available to current members of the Oxford University Law Faculty (staff and students). The site requires personal access logins - please contact (from your Oxford University/Nexus email account) to arrange for one to be set up for you.
Global Intellectual property case law focussing on trademark, patent, design and domain.   Dixit Curia provides the law according to the general European courts. The database offers unique and specialised searching tools.

De Jure [P.WORD]
Italian legislation, court decisions and law journals.

Dispute Resolution Practice Area in i-law [P.WORD]
The Dispute Resolution Practice Area collection includes online access to 17 sources of commentary on commercial mediation and arbitration (eg latest edition of Briggs Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments, Arbitration Law Monthly) as well as forms and documents, legislation and practice notes. Note: There is a limit of 5 concurrent users to this resource. You may find you have to wait. Once you have finished your session, please remember to log off properly as a courtesy to colleagues who may be waiting.

Directory of Open Access Journals [FREE]
Provides access to scientific and scholarly electronic journals that are freely available on the web.

Dissertations & Theses
An OU mediated gateway to theses - free/Open Access availability to the full-text of theses is an increasing feature.

Proquest's Dissertations & Theses (a mix of full text and abstracts) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
A frequently used subscription service.

Doing Business Law Library [FREE]
A free, online collection of business laws and regulations with links to official government sources wherever possible. The database provides access to economic and regulatory indicators comparable across different jurisdictions with laws on topics such as banking and credit, bankruptcy, companies, labour, securities, taxation and trade.

Dominion Law Reports  [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
The electronic version of the Canadian law reports, from 1912 to date. Reports cases from both national and provincial courts. Updated Weekly. Also an index to the 3rd and 4th series (case law from 1969 to date.)
There is a Select Search Form drop down option under the Canada Law Books icon, top right of home page. The Catchlines Search form searches for term(s) in the index documents; the Case Law Search will search for term(s) within the cases. Both have a 'phrase search' check box if you want the your search terms treated as a phrase.


Eagle-i [Free]
Specialist web portal for freely accessible online law resources, maintained by Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

Early English Books Online (EEBO) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Early English Laws [FREE]
Codes, edicts & treatises produced in England prior to 1215

Eastview Online Database of Russian Newspapers and Parliamentary Publications [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Eighteenth Century Collections Online [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO ]

EISIL: Electronic Information System for International Law  [FREE]
Portal to reliable sources for international law resources (including treaties, international agreements and UN documents) on the free web.

e-Journals [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO ]
Oxford University e-Journals - full text online journals available to Oxford University members only

Electronic Law Companion [P.WORD]
Nigerian Supreme Court Quarterly Law Reports 2000 onwards. 

Encyclopedia of Law and Religion [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]

English Reports 1220-1865 [FREE]

English Reports 1220-1865 [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]
A Subscribed Library in HeinOnline.
Note: the ERs are also available as part of both LexisLibrary & Westlaw - except (as of 2017) 72 ER (nominate reports of Bellewe; Keilwey; and Moore).

Official platform for EU primary sources: full text treaties, secondary legislation, preparatory legislation, cases, parliamentary documents.

Europa [FREE]
EU Official information portal of the European Union.

European Sources Online [FREE]
News, analysis and information on the European Union, the countries of Europe and on issues of concern to researchers in European affairs.

EuroTort [P.WORD]
Note: Please disable pop-up blocker to use this database.
Leading decisions in tort law from 30 European jurisdictions from 1980s on, with summaries of the facts of the case and an abstract of the decision in English.


Factiva [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO ]
News from around the world.

Family Court Reports [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO ]
Full text access to the law report series of that name from publishers, Bloomsbury.

Financial Times (London) Online [Personal Registration required]
This gives access to 8 years of the FT, along with 22 million articles from 500 of the world's leading business press publications.
NOTE: To register click "Join Now" on the pop-up (it may take a short time to appear) then enter a username using a current Oxford University email address, together with a password of your own creation.
On the OU network? Use go to the UK home page to register 
If you are off-campus, please follow instructions on Weblearn.

Financial Times Archive (1888-2016) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO ]

FLAG: Foreign Law Guide [FREE]
Discover which Law Libraries in the UK might be able to provide hard copy version of primary sources.
Please note this was last updated in 2013; budget cuts since then probably mean that there are fewer active subscriptions now. 

FLG: Foreign Law Guide [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Introduction to the legal systems of over 189 jurisdictions.

[Dalloz] French Codes [P.WORD
Those titles of French Codes (in French only) for which the Law Library has a subscription with publisher Dalloz. 

FunmiQuadriOnline Electronic Law Companion [P.WORD]
Nigerian Supreme Court Quarterly Law Reports 2000 onwards.


Global Legal Monitor (GLM) [FREE]
A frequently updated summary of legal developments across the world supplied by the Library of Congress. For an archive of issues prior to May 2006 go to the World Law Bulletin (WLB) [FREE]

Guide to Law Online - Law Library of Congress [FREE]
Prepared by the Law Library of Congress Public Services Division. An annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. Includes selected useful sites for legal information.


Handbook of WTO/GATT Dispute Settlement Online [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Hansard (Westminster) 1803 -  [FREE]
(A fuller version of the text below is on the About tab at the website itself.)
Hansard is a “substantially verbatim” report of what is said in Parliament. A "Rolling" edition should be available within 3 hours of words being spoken. Daily Debates appear the next working day by 6am. "Members’ words are recorded, and then edited to remove repetitions and obvious mistakes, albeit without taking away from the meaning of what is said. Hansard also reports decisions taken during a sitting and records how Members voted to reach those decisions in Divisions."
"Commons Hansard includes proceedings in the Commons Chamber and Westminster Hall, as well as written ministerial statements, petitions and ministerial corrections, with separate reports produced of proceedings in Commons General and Public Bill Committees.
Lords Hansard details proceedings in the Lords Chamber and Grand Committee. Commons and Lords Hansard are responsible for producing the transcripts of Select Committees’ evidence-taking sittings, which are currently published on each Committee’s page on the parliamentary website."
Harvard Research in International Law
A Subscribed Library in HeinOnline [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

HeinOnline [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO] 
Law Journals (UK, US, Australian and International), the English Reports (1220-1865), foreign and international law resources (UNTS, LNTS), Harvard Research in International Law, legal classics, Selden Society Publications and Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. And many other useful libraries and collections!

History of International Law collection [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]
A Subscribed Library in HeinOnline.
[Donated by legacy of Mr. Kazimierz Michalski]

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Sessional papers from 1715 -   

Judgments from the European Court of Human Rights


IA Reporter (Investment Arbitration Reporter) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Case summaries, news and analysis on cross-border commercial arbitration.  If you are on the Oxford Network then you can click on 'Subscriber Login' at the top left.  If are external log in to SOLO first.

IBFD Tax Research Platform (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
The database includes the World Tax Journal, Tax News Service, IFA Cahiers and many more.
Information on cross-border taxation from the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation.

ICLR Online [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Contains The Law Reports, Weekly Law Reports, Industrial Case Reports and Business Law Reports published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting.

ICNL International Center for Not-for-Profit Law Library [FREE]

IIAPP: International Investment Arbitration + Public Policy [FREE]

i-law [P.WORD]
For online access to Lloyd's Law Reports (Lloyd's Rep) and Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (LMCLQ), and the Dispute Resolution collection. 

Index to Common Law Festschriften [FREE]
Festschrift is the term used for a published collection of legal essays written by several authors to honour a distinguished jurist or to mark a significant legal event. This is the first index of contributions to common law Festschriften.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO ]
Index to law journals concentrating on foreign, comparative and public and private international law.
Currently hosted on HeinOnline

Index to Legal Periodicals [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Index to law journals published in some countries of the Anglo-American Legal Tradition (UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ) or in English.

Index to Theses [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Index of abstracts to theses from Great Britain and Ireland 1716-. AKA Proquest Dissertations & Theses of UK & Ireland.

(Indian) Supreme Court Cases (SCC) [EXTERNAL: Oxford VPN]
Please note Also requires registration with your Oxford University email on first visit. As we only have limited active user licence, please remember to "log out" properly when you have finished your session.
As well as case law from the Indian Supreme Court and the High Courts of the Indian states, has Indian legislation and treaties, and case law from the Bangladesh Appellate and High Court Divisions.

Infolaw Lawfinder [FREE]
Gateway to UK legal resources.

Informit AGIS Plus Text [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Developed in partnership with the Attorney-General's Information Service Australia, this is a collection of abstracts and full text articles in comparative and Commonwealth law. Primary focus is on Australian, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region material.

Informit Indigenous Collection [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
The Informit Indigenous Collection covers a range of subjects, not just legal. The primary focus is material from and about the Asia Pacific region. The full text Collection contains journals, books, conference proceedings and reports.

Integrum [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Russian press, financial and legal information. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once connected choose English interface and then click "Enter (no registration)". Click "Artefact" to get to the main Integrum databases and legal information. > Instruction manual.

International Financial Reporting Standards [P.WORD]

International Law in Domestic Courts[EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Part of ORIL: Oxford Reports on International Law

Investment Arbitration Reporter [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Case summaries, news and analysis on cross-border commercial arbitration.

Investment Claims [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]
Materials and analysis in the field of international investment law and arbitration.

Investment Treaty Arbitration [FREE]
News and commentary on investment treaties and database of publicly available investment treaty awards.

Investor State Law Guide (ISLG) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]


Jean Monnet Center [FREE]
A collection of working papers from the Jean Monnet Center at NYU School of Law, established to promote teaching in European intergration in particular Law, Economics, Political Science and History.

JustisOne (formerly Justis) [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO] This subscription made available thanks to a generous donation from Hogan Lovells.
Contents include: UK cases (excluding series published by ICLR, Times LR and Scottish Sessions cases) and legislation, Irish cases & legislation, EU case law and legislation, Bermudan and Jamaican Cases, Singapore Law Reports, European Human Rights and the International Law Reports. Also works as an index to UK and EU case law and legislation with links other sources such as Westlaw UK, Lexis®Library and BAILII as well as citator information.

Juta Law [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
South African legislation, law reports, and law journals.
Also has, Botswana Law Reports 1964 to 2013(1), Case Law Of Zimbabwe,  Namibian Law Reports, Tanzania Law Reports 1983 to 1997 and  Zambia Law Reports 1963 to 1997.
Note: Single user access: please close your session when you have finished.


Kluwer Arbitration [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO] GUIDE
Conventions, legislation, rules, bilateral investment treaties, case law and journal articles in commercial international arbitration.

Kluwer Competition Law [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Primary sources, commentary, and analysis in the areas of antitrust, mergers and state aid within the EU.

Kluwer Law International Journals [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]


Law and Religion, Encyclopedia of [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Law of the Sea:Commentary on the UN Convention & UNCLOS 1982 commentary supplement [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

LawAfrica Law Reports [P.WORD]
East Africa Protectorate Law Reports, East Africa Law Reports,Southern Sudan Law Reports and Journal,Tanzania Law Reports, Uganda Law Reports, Zanzibar Protectorate Law Reports
[Sponsored by Slaughter & May]

LawInfoChina now PKULaw [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]
The home page is to the English section of the database, giving English translations of important laws, regulations and judicial cases. Of course, majority of the content is in Chinese only. To find these databases of laws and regulations, judicial cases, law journals and special reference click on the various tabs to left and right of that labelled English.

Law Reports: ICLR Cases Online [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO] 
ICLR Online has of The Law Reports (referred to in citations as AC, QB, etc), Weekly Law Reports, Industrial Cases Reports and Business Law Reports. 

Law Review Commons [FREE]
A portal to legal scholarship available on the open  web, the site brings together a growing collection of law reviews and legal journals in an easily browsable and searchable format.  It contains both current issues and archival content spanning over 100 years from nearly 150 law reviews from North American law schools.

Lawtel [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO] [To use the alerting service use a personal LAWTEL USERNAME]
UK judgments, statutes and SIs, articles index, bills and command papers. See our libguide for guides to Lawtel.

Legal History, Oxford International Encyclopedia of [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Legal History: The Year Books [FREE]
Year book reports printed between the years 1378 and 1535 and a large number from 1268 onward.

Legal Topics [Free]
Law librarians of the US Library of Congress write reports on various legal topics, monitoring developments worldwide. The reports include commentary and recommendations to further resources. As of July 2014 reports are grouped under following subject areas:  Banking and Finance; Constitutional Issues; Corruption and Money Laundering;  Education, Family, and Children's Rights; Elections; Government Spending; Government Systems;Healthcare, Safety, and Bioethics; Immigration, Nationality and Citizenship; Indigenous and Cultural Property; Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership; Military; Minority Rights; Plants, Animals, and the Environment; Privacy Rights and Ownership; Religion and the Law; War Crimes and Terrorism. [FREE]
UK primary legislation - good for historic legislation (do not rely on this site supplying current version of an act), secondary legislation from 1988 onwards.  

Lexis360® [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO + Personal Registration]
(Formerly JurisClasseur) French law (legislation, case law, commentary & journals) & EU materials in French from LexisNexis.
Note New registration procedure from 04 June 2019: please find instructions via [P.WORD]

Lexis®Library [Oxford SSO]
One of the major UK legal databases including case law, legislation and commentary such as Halsbury's Laws of England. Also has selected foreign (principally common law tradition jurisdictions) and international content.
See our Libguide for guides to Lexis Library. [Sponsored by Norton Rose Fulbright]

Linex Systems [FREE]
Updates and reviews from over 1000 law firms and government organisations throughout the World.

LiveRe [FREE]
A portal that provides access to free journals available on the Internet. The portal covers scientific journals, magazines, bulletins and newsletters and can be accessed in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

LLMC Digital [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Law Library Microfilm Consortium's online service.

Lloyd's Law Reports [P.WORD]  GUIDE
Lloyd's Law Reports covering commercial and maritime cases from 1919- available through i-law

Lloyd's Martime and Commercial Quarterly [P.WORD]


Making of Modern Law: legal treatises 1800-1926 (MOML) - [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Predominantly Anglo-American publications

Making of the Modern World (MOMW) - [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Digital facsimile images of 61,000 works of literature on economic and business published between 1450 & 1850. Useful for legal history topics with commercial, financial, social, political or mercantile dimensions.

Manupatra [P.WORD]
Indian legal materials and business policy.

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law (MPECCOL) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO) [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]


National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts (NCJRS) on Cambridge Scientific Abstracts [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Part of Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. Includes summaries of US and international publications.

International Labour Organization's database of national labour, social security and related human rights legislation.

Netlaw [P.WORD]
Updated South African Principal Acts, Rules and Regulations from 1910 to the present.  After signing in, select South African Legislation (NetLaw) from the menu.

Nineteenth Century Parliamentary Papers [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Available via UK Parliamentary Papers.


OEIL - The Legislative Observatory [FREE]
European Parliament database tracking the major stages of the legislation making process between EU institutions.

OGEL: Oil, gas and energy law [P.WORD]
Oil, Gas, Energy Law Intelligence started publishing in January 2003 and is both an online journal and a community site, drawing together both policy makers and lawyers (practioners and academics).

Official Document System of the United Nations (ODS) [FREE]
UN documentation including treaties, reports and resolutions. .

OGEMID Archive
Please would any Oxford Law Faculty staff member or DPhil student interested in having access contact

Open Access Journals see DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals [FREE]

Oxford Constitutions of the World[EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]

Oxford Reports on International Law [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Decisions from international courts and tribunals plus cases applying international law in domestic courts from over 60 jurisdictions.

ORA: Oxford Research Archive
OU students following D.Phil., M.Litt. and M.Sc.(by Research) programmes and registered from 1st October 2007, are required to deposit a digital copy of their thesis in ORA. ORA is also Oxford's institutional open access archive for other research publications, such as journal articles.

Oxford University Press e-books [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO] 
The Bodleian Law Library has subscriptions to various OUP collections of e-books for law. The titles of the individual books are discoverable after an ordinary book search on SOLO as a green View Online option.
For example, the library has access to all the books in the following OUP law collections: Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL) and Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law (OSAIL).
In addition, law books are also made available to our readers via the more general platforms such as Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO), Oxford Research Library (ORL), and Oxford Research Encyclopedias.

Oxford University e-Journals [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Full text online journals available to Oxford University members. Those which are from subscribed sources will require an Oxford SSO for remote access unless your computer has a VPN installed.


PakistanLawSite [P.WORD]
Legislation, case law and full text journals from Pakistan. [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
The home page is to the English section of China law database, giving English translations of important laws, regulations and judicial cases. Of course, majority of the content is in Chinese only. To find these databases of laws and regulations, judicial cases, law journals and special reference click on the various tabs to left and right of that labelled English.

PopLine: population law and policy [FREE]
Maintained by K4Health. Collects "documents on formal positions, legislation or decisions taken by governments and other public bodies toward reproduction, contraception, migration, family size, and women's rights and status" in "developing" countries.

Practical Law[EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Covering 28 UK legal practice areas, Practical Law (formerly known as PLC) provides a range of resources including current awareness, practice notes, market analysis, and full text access to PLC Magazine from 1990 onwards.
Note If you already logged into Westlaw UK, you can move into the Practical Law by clicking the dropdown arrow on the top left hand corner where it says "Thomson Reuters Westlaw" and selecting Practical Law on the drop down.

PreLex now Legislative Procedures [FREE]
European Commission database mapping the major stages of the legislation making process between the EU Commission and other EU institutions.

Privacy Laws & Business[P.WORD]
Developments in data protection law both international and UK.
You have to look out for the hyperlink "Current subscribers click here to view this issue" - ignore the more obvious green buttons Subscribe and Buy issue.
OU has a single user licence only, so please remember to log off at the end of your session on PL&B.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674-1834 [FREE]



Recueil des Cours de L'Academie de Droit International de la Haye  [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Hague Academy Collected Courses on public and private international law.

Refworld [FREE]
Collection of material collected by the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) to aid decisions on refugee status. Via "Quick Links" access (inter alia) collections of national legislation and national and international case decisions (including tribunals and administrative bodies)

Religion, Encyclopedia of Law and  [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

Russian Central Newspapers and Parliamentary Publications [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]


Sabinet Reference aka Sabinet Law Collection [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
African electronic journals

Sabinet Netlaw [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Updated South African Principal Acts, Rules and Regulations from 1910 to the present.
Note: The BLL subscription does not include provincial legislation

Selden Society Publications & History of English Law [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
A subscribed Library within HeinOnline

SEMDOC: Statewatch European Monitoring and Documentation Centre[FREE]
Legislative observatory and database of material gathered over 30 years of independent charity's monitoring of EU Justice and Home Affairs "allowing researchers to chart the history, development and nature of [Justice & Home Affairs] institutions, decision-making, policy, and law"

Singapore Law Reports
Available via JustisOne [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)<> [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]

The subscribed collections includes the Legal Scholarship Network, where you can find University of Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper Series. OU also subscribes to the Economics Research, Financial Economics and Management Research Networks. Non-subscribers are able to see abstracts of these articles, working papers, and preprints.

Social Sciences Citation Index on Web of Science [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]
Index of journals in behavioural and social sciences.

Society for Computers and the Law [FREE to UK academic institutions]Click to log on and then choose the link for UK academic users under the log in box.  Access to articles, webinars and news.

State Papers Online: the government of Britain I- IV 1509-1714 Foreign & Domestic [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO] 
Part I: The Tudors, 1509-1603:SP Dom.
Part II: The Tudors, 1509-1603:SP. For., Scotland, Borders, Ireland & Registers of PC Part III: The Stuarts and Commonwealth, James I - Anne I, 1603-1714: SP Dom
Part IV: The Stuarts and Commonwealth, James I - Anne I, 1603-1714: SP For., Ireland & Registers of PC

State Trials 1163 - 1858 on JustisOne [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
This electronic collection of State Trials is compiled from the two most authoritative series of State Trials records, Howell's and the New Series (Macdonell's) and additional material sourced from the electronic version of the English (Nominate) Reports

Supreme Court Cases (India) [For details on how to register see P.WORD]
As well as case law from the Indian Supreme Court and the High Courts of the Indian states, has Indian legislation and treaties. It also has collections of primary sources from neighbouring jurisdictions. For example, case law from the Bangladesh Appellate and High Court Divisions.
Please note As we only have a five active users' licence, please register only once with SSC(I) and as a courtesy to your colleagues, remember to log out of the database when you have finished your session.


Tax Notes Today Federal & Tax Notes International   [P.WORD]

(Tax Notes Today Federal is a daily News service; Tax Notes International a weekly magazine.)
You must register with this service while on the OU network/within Oxford University’s IP range. If you are in the Bodleian Law Library or any other Bodleian Reading Room, please ensure you are using the Bodleian Libraries wifi. (You will not be able to register if on Eduroam or OWL or any other wifi provider). Click on [P.WORD] for instructions on how to register successfully.

Trade Law Guide [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO]

TDM: Transnational Dispute Management [P.WORD]
Recent developments in investment arbitration and dispute management.
Please would any Oxford Law Faculty staff member or DPhil student interested in having access contact to the OGEMID Archive section of this database please contact


UK Parliamentary Papers [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]

United Nations Law Collection [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
On HeinOnline. Includes full text LNTS and UNTS.

United Nations Treaty Collection [FREE]
Treaties and international agreements registered or filed and recorded with and published by the Secretariat since 1946.

UNBISnet - United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold Library [FREE]
Catalogue of UN publications and documentation with links to full text where available.

UN-I-QUE : United Nations Info Quest [FREE]
Catalogue of UN materials including sales publications.

Official Document System of the United Nations




Westlaw AU [EXTERNAL:Oxford SSO] 
Formerly known as Australia Law Online.

Westlaw Edge UK [Oxford SSO](NB New Platform from 5th August 2019)
Formerly known as Westlaw UK. On your first visit to Westlaw after 5 August 2019 you will be asked to register with your name and an email. Please make sure your email address is an OU one ending (Not gmail or similar.) After this initial registration, Westlaw UK will go back to just asking for your Oxford Single Sign On username and password. But you will be able to benefit from personalisation of Westlaw UK should you wish to - save documents to folders, create a shelf of Favourite books etc etc. For more information see Westlaw UK's online guide.

WIPO-Lex aka CLEA Collection of Laws for Electronic Access [FREE] 
Multi-jurisdictional database of intellectual property legislation and treaties provided by WIPO.

Free source of case law and legislation from various jurisdictions, international courts and tribunals. Includes a catalogue of free legal web sites organised by jurisdiction and subject.

World Trade Law  [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
The WTO Dispute Settlement Commentary (DSC) service is a comprehensive legal research tool for WTO dispute settlement. Features include summary/analysis of all reports/arbitrations; up-to-date keyword index; and a database of dispute settlement tables/statistics.

WTO/GATT Dispute Settlement Handbook Online [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]




Zakonodatel'stvo stran SNG [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO]
Database of legislation of the Commonwealth of Independent State countries (Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kasakstan, K , Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and the Ukraine.)

Zetoc [EXTERNAL: Oxford SSO] 
The British Library's Electronic Table of Contents of around 20,000 current journals and approximately 16,000 conference proceedings. Covers 1993 to date and includes an email alerting service. Zetoc is available free of charge to any member of a Jisc-sponsored UK further or higher education institution and is also available free of charge to the UK Research Councils: remember to use your email address when setting up an alert.


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