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This is a searchable database which contains the author, title and subject details for over 18,000 late nineteenth and early twentieth century European theses dealing with a wide range of legal subjects. The majority of the theses are in German, French and Italian. In many cases several theses are bound together in one volume. The hand written catalogue slips for each title have been transcribed into this database, and it is possible to search by author, title or subject keyword, or a combination of these. (Please note that there is a separate collection of more recent foreign dissertations on the first floor which date from c.1973 to 2004, which can be searched on SOLO).

Once you have located a thesis on this database, the full text can be consulted in the Theses collection on the ground floor of the Law Library. The database is a work in progress (2012) but with over 8,000 records, it is now possible to discover some of the contents of the collection more easily than previously. Many topics, such as International Law, Military Law and Criminal Law and Civil Law are of enduring relevance.

Although there are no known collections of these theses held elsewhere in the UK, they are often to be found in academic and national libraries in Europe. Once a title is identified in our collection, a cross check with one of the following catalogues may help elicit more information online, including whether the theses went on to be published as a monograph.

Bibliotheque National France
National Library of Germany
Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog

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