Current Awareness Services

There are many ways to keep up to date with the latest news and legal information. Below is a list of the most useful ways along with links through to recommended services.



A lot of legal databases offer 'alert' services that send you emails with the latest legal news. Click here for a list of the main services and instructions for setting these up.

Table of Contents services (TOCS)

These are services which allow you to sign up for particular journals and then be informed when a new issue is released (along with a list of contents). A lot of these TOC services will feed in as RSS feeds (see below).

RSS feeds

These are updates that either 'feed' into your email inbox or into a 'feed' reader such as Google Reader. These are usually free to set up and offer one place to collect all feeds as well as freeing up your inbox. For more information on setting one up as well as recommended feeds click here.


These are online 'diaries' of information. There are thousands written on all types of subject. The content depends on the author but they can be a very useful source of information. The majority of blogs can be subscribed to using RSS feeds. Click here for a list of recommended blogs.


A wiki is a collection of information on sources and topics that can be amended or added to by anybody with knowledge or interest in the topic. They act as a collaboration of knowledge on a particular topic. A lot of useful Wikis are either fully edited or restrict editing rights to ensure the correct information is published. Click here for a list of recommended wikis.


Although podcasts are not restricted to current awareness they are a great way of finding up-to-date information. Click here for a list of useful podcasts.

Social Media 

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter are another way to keep up to date. A lot of institutions now have 'fan' pages on Facebook which can be 'subscribed' to. Twitter is often used by organisations to communicate more practical short term information such as a change in opening hours or links to web pages.

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