Contact details
tel. (01865) 271462

Please address all email queries to rather than individuals, to ensure prompt attention to your request.

The staff in the Law Library have a wide range of knowledge and skills. These skills are used to provide a wide range of services and to assist you with your research and reference queries.

Staff List

Bodleian Law Librarian

Helen Garner


Academic Services


Margaret Watson
Academic Services Librarian
tel.(01865) 271464

Academic Services Librarians
tel. (01865) 271463

Katharine Jackson
Legal Research Librarian

Nicola Patrick (Part time)
Research Support Librarian

Elizabeth Wells
Foreign, Comparative, & International Law Librarian
(01865) 271450


Academic Services Team
tel. (01865) 271543

Ronald Richenburg
Reference & Interlibrary Loans - Senior Library Assistant

Kathryn Tyne
Reference, Reserve Collection & Document Delivery - Senior Library Assistant

Uliana Lavrentieva (Part time)
Information Technology Officer

Jan Stroud (Part time)
Reserve Collection & Interlibrary Loans - Library Assistant

Ben Spiers
Logistics & Collection Support

Rhiannon Perrin
Graduate Library Trainee

Information Resources

Team Contact details
tel. (01865) 271465


Felicity Staveley-Taylor
Information Resources Librarian

Tetyana Rosenfeld
Cataloguing Supervisor - Senior Library Assistant

Rebecca Howard
Cataloguing & Acquisitions - Senior Library Assistant

Elena Berchadenko
Continuations - Serials & Binding Assistant

Laura Lewis
Graduate Library Trainee

Official Papers

Contact details
tel. (01865) 271472

Official Papers staff photo

Hannah Chandler
Official Papers Librarian

Andrew Milner
Official Papers - Senior Library Assistant

Julie Alden
Official Papers - Senior Library Assistant

Weekend and evening staff

Contact details
tel. (01865) 271462

Deborah Marinkovic
Assistant Librarian (Term Weekends)
(01865) 271455

Clare Hills-Nova
Assistant Librarian (Vacation Weekends)

Nichola May
Melanie Smith

Collection Maintenance 

Contact details
tel. (01865) 271543

Elizabeth Wells
Ben Spiers


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