Reading Lists

Available on the English Faculty WebLearn pages

Do you know the name of your course or period paper? Check these - and their reading lists if available - on the English Faculty pages in WebLearn.  (N.B. WebLearn can only be accessed by members of the University of Oxford with a valid Single Sign-On username and password.)  The MSt reading lists are included in the current course handbook also available via WebLearn.

Use SOLO to search all of Oxford's libraries for books, journals and other resources.  Restrict your search to English Faculty Library to see what is held in the EFL. The Bodleian Libraries' guide to SOLO provides more detail on searching and managing your library account.

When searching the catalogue, you may find useful printed resources which are held in the Bodleian Library’s closed stack (the Book Storage Facility in Swindon which holds 8 million items).  These can be requested to the EFL by placing a "hold".

ORLO: Oxford Reading Lists Online

Prelims papers in ORLO:
In 2018-19, the English Faculty is piloting the use of reading lists in ORLO for Prelims papers. These are WORKS-IN-PROGRESS: the Faculty wants to know how useful you find them.  So, here are things to bear in mind:

  • These lists should not take the place of any reading lists given to you by your tutors; they are supplementary.
  • The reading suggestions are not exhaustive: you could easily approach any of the topics through other or additional primary and secondary texts.
  • There is no guarantee that any of these topics will come up in the Prelims exams (although you will find that they have come up at least once in the last six years or so).  Nor are all the topics that might come up covered.
The English Faculty would like to use this pilot as an opportunity to diversify and extend the reading suggestions given to students. So, if there are any texts or topics that you would like to see included, please send details to the course convenor named at the top of the list.  Similarly, if you have any feedback on the format of the lists, please let the course convenor know.

Click here to access these reading lists in ORLO (sign into ORLO with your Single Sign On; more information about using ORLO is available here).

MSt courses in ORLO:
During the 2018-19 ORLO pilot phase, a selection of MSt reading lists is available in ORLO: these are the reading lists for the A & B courses for the MSt in English 650-1550, the MSt in English 1550-1700 and the MSt in English 1830-1914. Click here to access ORLO (sign into ORLO with your Single Sign On; more information about using ORLO is available here). 

Scan & Deliver
Instead of requesting the physical item to a reading room, you can request scans of journal articles or book chapters direct to your desktop. 

Inter-Library Loan
If the book or article you need is not in Oxford, you can order it from another library on inter-library loan.  You can also contact the English Subject Librarian to recommend that a book is purchased for the EFL or the Bodleian Library.

Special collections

You will be using libraries and possibly archives to locate sources and critical materials, whether locally or elsewhere, so it is worthwhile honing your search skills and learning about more useful finding aids.  The EFL’s  substantial collections of rare books (7500 pre-1850 titles) and 19th and 20th century literary journals (all listed on SOLO) are a good starting point, but postgraduate students will certainly need to use the manuscripts and rare books collections of the Bodleian Library at some point. 

Undergraduates and taught postgraduates can also apply to use these collections by completing the Request to access to Bodleian Special Collections form (pdf), but you should first consult the information about undergraduate and taught postgraduate access to these collections on the Special Collections website, in order to plan your visit

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